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Alabama 4-H Rabbit Project; Hop 2 It bunny drinking water

The 4-H Rabbit Project is designed to teach 4-H members recommended management practices for growing and raising rabbits. Rabbits grow fast and cost less to raise than most other types of livestock. Raising rabbits requires little room, low overhead expense, and minimal daily maintenance. Rabbits are simple to work with and fun to watch grow. Participants will learn about rabbit behaviors, feed and nutrition, will learn how to keep records, and will build a rapport with other rabbit enthusiasts.

Who Can Participate

Any young person age 9 through 18 as of January 1 of the project year can participate.

How It Works

You have two options for participation. Your choice depends on the intended use of the rabbits.

  1. Market Rabbit Project. In keeping with the name, this project allows you to raise, feed, care for, fit and groom, show, and finally sell young rabbits. Generally, you will own one or more does (female rabbits) and an appropriate number of bucks (male rabbits). 4-H’ers may have crossbred or standardized breeds for this project.
  2. Pet Rabbit Project. In this project, you will own one or two rabbits, either buck or doe. In contrast to the market project participants, you will exhibit breeding rabbits that are not sold. Members take these rabbits home and continue to care for them to produce more kits (baby rabbits). These kits can then be kept to show, sell to a market, or sell to other 4-H club members for their projects.


Download a PDF of Rabbit Project Program Manual, 4HYD-2094.

Download a PDF of Rabbit Project Record Book, 4HYD-2352.

Download a PDF of Rabbit and Cavy Showmanship Guide, 4HYD-2326.

For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations, contact Extension Communications and Marketing at 334-844-5696 or extcomm@aces.edu.


Brigid McCreaExtension Specialist, Auburn University

Revised June 2019, Rabbit Project, 4HYD-2094

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