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Poultry Judging Contest

The Alabama 4-H Poultry Judging Contest allows members to compete for both individual and team awards. The contest teaches participants how to make decisions in an orderly manner, use reasoning skills, and to communicate your decisions. Members also learn to use the USDA grading criteria to determine the quality of ready-to-cook poultry and market eggs. The purpose of the Alabama 4-H Poultry Judging Contest is to

  • help members learn the techniques of logical and accurate decision-making
  • assist members in recognizing the reasons for their decision and to develop the ability to express their reasons orally
  • help youth learn and understand standards used in poultry and egg production and marketing and how to apply these standards in a realistic decision-making situation.
  • serve as an award activity and trip for youth to test their knowledge at a state competition
  • help youth with career guidance
  • promote the poultry industry by stimulating interest in poultry
  • make learning fun

Overview of Rules

  • A team consists of not less than three (3), and not more than four (4) members.
  • All members of a team must be Juniors (ages 9-13) or Seniors (ages 14-18).
  • Members may compete as individuals if they do not have a team
  • There are three sections to the contest
    • 1) Market Eggs
    • 2) Production Hens
    • 3) Ready-to-cook Poultry

For a more detailed set of rules and information, download a PDF of Poultry Judging Contest Rules and Information, 4HYD-2454.

Study Materials

The Alabama 4-H Poultry Judging Contest is conducted in accordance with the information explained in the National 4-H Poultry Judging Contest Manual. All of the information for this contest is available in the 2021 National 4-H Poultry Judging Contest Manual. This manual can be downloaded free of charge on the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment website.


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