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A collage of past Alabama 4-H State Horse Show winners holding their ribbons and standing near their horses.

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. — Saddle up, 4-H members. The Alabama 4-H State Horse Show is set for May 3–5 at the W.O. Crawford Arena in Montgomery, Alabama.

Geni Payne, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System 4-H youth development coordinator, said the State Horse Show is a great opportunity to see 4-H members engaging in a subject that they are truly enthusiastic about.

“The 4-H members in the Horse Project really have a passion for horses,” Payne said. “This shows in the high-quality care and bond that they give and create with their animals.”

Horse Show Events

All Alabama 4-H members ages 9 to 18 are eligible to participate in the State Horse Show. However, they must be active in a county 4-H club.

“Because not every county has a 4-H horse club, members don’t have to be in a horse-related club in order to participate,” Payne said. “As long as they are active members in their home county, they qualify.”

For a full list of activities, events and rules, consult the 2024 Horse Show Rules Packet and 2024 Horse Show Registration Packet, both available on the Horse Project web page at www.aces.edu.


Registration for the State Horse Show is available in 4-HOnline at v2.4honline.com. The deadline to register is April 15. Depending on which activities a member participates in, there are some registration costs associated with the show.

For a full list of costs and other important show information, consult the rules and registration packets on the Horse Project web page. For more information on the 2024 State Horse Show, contact Payne at paynegl@aces.edu or the Alabama 4-H agent that serves your county.

Other Horse Project Competitions

Through the Alabama 4-H Horse Project, members learn about basic horsemanship and proper management. One of the highlights of the Horse Project is members do not have to own a horse to join in on the fun. In addition to the State Horse Show, this Horse Project has several other competitions for members.

“Through competitions like horse judging, hippology, quiz bowl, public speaking, presentations and the dozen or so art classes during the State Horse Show, young people are able to explore the horse spark without ever having to own an animal,” Payne said.

On May 31, 4-H members are invited to compete in the horse judging and hippology competitions in Auburn, Alabama. Contact Payne for more information on these competitions and registration details. In early March, Alabama 4-H hosted the quiz bowl, public speaking and presentation competitions in Montgomery.

About Alabama 4-H

Alabama 4-H is the youth development organization of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. It seeks to empower young people with the skills needed to lead their communities and grow into future leaders. Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information about 4-H opportunities.