Series: Alabama Crops Report

The Alabama Crops Report Podcast is where the research meets the row. When time is tight and every minute matters, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System agronomy team makes decision-making simpler for farmers by bringing Extension expertise straight to the tractor cab.

Producers can expect to hear a wide range of topics throughout the year. From insect scouting tips to fertilizer application recommendations and harvest updates—timely issues in the field will be addressed by agents and specialists from all over the state. Episodes will be 10 to 15 minutes long in conversational form. New episodes will drop weekly during the production season. Listeners can expect multiple episodes in a week if there are multiple important topics to discuss.

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The Alabama Crops Report Podcast is sponsored in part by Alabama Ag Credit.

Episode 26 – Meet Extension’s New Grains Specialist

In today’s episode, hosts Amanda Scherer and Katelyn Kesheimer introduce Alabama Extension’s new grains specialist. Eros Francisco, who joined Extension in September, will be working on the agronomic crops team. He will work with grain crops such as corn, wheat, and sorghum–as well as other crops like sorghum, barley, rye, and oats. A native of….

Episode 25—Disaster Assistance from USDA

For today’s episode, hosts Adam Rabinowitz and Amanda Scherer talk with two guests from the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA). The first is Shnequie Bowman-Greene, a chief agricultural program specialist, and the second is Sydney Griffin, an agricultural program specialist. This time of year is peak season for natural disasters. Bowman-Greene and Griffin discuss FSA’s….

Episode 24–Variety Trial Testing

Hosts Katelyn Kesheimer and Adam Rabinowitz visit with Henry Jordan of Auburn University’s Department of Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences.  Jordan manages the University’s variety trial testing program.  The program evaluates all the major row crops. Most trials are conducted  in multiple locations across Alabama.  The program tests experimental varieties and commercial variety side by….

Episode 23 – August Cotton Update

Hosts Scott Graham and Katelyn Kesheimer visit with Alabama Extension agronomist Steve Brown on the status of the cotton crop in Alabama.  Brown says the status of Alabama’s more than 400,000 acres of cotton vary around the state. Some areas are dealing with fertility issues because of heavy rains earlier in the summer, but Brown….

Episode 22 – Wiregrass Crop Update

Hosts Amanda Scherer and Scott Graham introduce listeners to Sedrick Mack, an Alabama Extension agronomic crops regional agent. Mack serves 10 counties in the southeast corner of Alabama, including the Wiregrass. In this episode, Mack gives a crop update for the region he serves.     Episode 22 – Wiregrass Crop Update Transcript

Episode 21–Disease Issues in Row Crops

On this episode, host Katelyn Kesheimer, an Alabama Extension entomologist, talks with Ed Sikora, an Extension plant pathologist, about disease issues confronting the state’s row crop farmers.  Sikora discusses foliar diseases that are popping up in soybeans, including frogeye leaf spot and target spot. Sikora also says that this summer’s rainy weather is a key….

Episode 20—Fall Armyworms

On this episode, hosts Scott Graham and Katelyn Kesheimer, both Alabama Extension entomologists, share their expertise on the current situation with fall armyworms in the state. They offer control recommendations for row crops as well as pasture and hay forages, commercial turf, and home lawns.     Episode 20—Fall Armyworms Transcript

Episode 19 –July Crop Update

Hosts Scott Graham and Katelyn Kesheimer are joined by Amanda Scherer to offer a July crop update. The three talk about how crops across the state are looking as well as discussing the disease and insect pressures on various crops.   Episode 19 July Crop Update Transcript

Episode 18—Early Planted Soybeans

Hosts Scott Graham and Adam Rabinowitz talk about early planted soybeans with Eddie McGriff, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System agronomic crops regional agent. McGriff goes into detail about the potential benefits of growing an ultra early/early soybean variety. He also details some of the problems that growing early soybean varieties could have.   Episode 18….

Episode 17—Crops Acreage Report

Hosts Katelyn Kesheimer and Adam Rabinowitz talk with Alabama Extension economist Wendiam Sawadago about the June crops acreage report. This June report gives crop producers the best estimate to date on what the planted acreage will be for Alabama’s major commodity crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, and peanuts.     Episode 17 Crops Acreage Report….

Episode 16 – Fertilizer Side-Dressing in Cotton

Hosts Scott Graham and Steve Brown talk with Alabama Cooperative Extension System soil scientist Audrey Gamble about fertilizer side-dressing in cotton. The group discusses many different events that could impact applications, including the impact Tropical Storm Claudette had on Alabama cotton.   Episode 16 – Fertilizer Side-Dressing in Cotton

Episode 15 – Crop Updates from Regional Extension Agents

Hosts Amanda Scherer and Adam Rabinowitz talk with Alabama Extension Regional Extension Agents Andrew Sparks and John Vanderford. In this episode, Sparks, who serves as the agronomic crops regional agent in east central Alabama, brings a crops update from that region. Vanderford, serving as the agronomic crops regional agent in west central Alabama, also brings….

Episode 14 – Succession Planning for the Farm

Hosts Amanda Scherer and Adam Rabinowitz talk with Robert Tufts, an Alabama Extension professor who specializes in estate planning, legal and tax issues that farmers face.  In this episode, Tufts discusses the importance of succession planning for farmers.  Succession planning helps farmers  determine their vision for their farm’s future, who in the next generation will….

Episode 13 – Late May Cotton Update

Hosts Scott Graham and Amanda Scherer talk with Dr. Steve Brown, Alabama Extension’s cotton specialist.    In this podcast, Brown talks about what producers are seeing  in their fields. Cooler weather with wet conditions has delayed cotton planting across the state. Brown also talks correct seeding rates and fertilization rates for later planted cotton with….

Episode 12 – Carbon Credits And The Farm

Hosts Amanda Scherer and Adam Rabinowitz talk with Jessica Kelton, who is an Alabama Extension regional agent working on the farm and agribusiness team. In this podcast, Kelton and the hosts discuss the growing interest and demand by industries for carbon credits and what that can possibly mean for Alabama farmers. Carbon credits and their….