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Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Alabama Ponds

…nts that could be stimulating algae, which effectively support fish production, are used by weedy plants. Thick beds of weeds can cause oxygen depletion, leading to fish kills. weeds also interfere with feeding by largemouth bass, reducing …

6 min read

Cotton Leafroll Dwarf Virus Present in Alabama Cotton, Scouting Essential

… several weed species that are alternate hosts for CLRDV. The most alarming hosts are white clover and henbit—common weeds found all over Alabama. This confirms a heavy virus presence in the environment.
CLRDV Symptoms
Symptoms from ea…

2 min read

Growing Horticultural Crops: Things To Consider

…at the space available to grow crops.
There are many challenges that growers work through during the year. Weeds, insects, disease, and nutritional issues are the number one problems during the growing season. These issues can …

3 min read

Common Tomato Problems

…ll have ringspots and quality will suffer.

Thrips commonly spread the disease. Thrips feed on many plants, including weeds, around the garden/field. Managing thrips by destroying weeds adjacent to the field may help but may not stop the …

3 min read

Common Insects and Disease Pests of Turfgrasses & Ornamentals

Five pest groups, insects, and related arthropods, snails and slugs, vertebrates, plant disease agents, and weeds can cause problems in urban landscapes and nursery production. Of these, insects and related arthropods and plant disease agen…

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Extension Leads in Advancing Alabama

…ved Alabama agriculture $2,201,920 at a cost of $536,253. ROI = 4:1
A 3-year program on managing herbicide-resistant weeds in cotton and peanuts has allowed Wiregrass farmers to save a total of $2,412,581 across 152,695 acres. ROI = 9:1

8 min read

Dry, Hot Weather Boosts Two-Spotted Spider Mites on Peaches

…duce leaf cover will result in overexposure to sunlight and cause sunburn.
Life Cycle
The adult female overwinters in weeds and decaying leaves on the floor of the orchard. In early spring, the mites become active in weeds in the orchard …

3 min read

Weather Impacts Spring Pest Pressures

…to inspect a larger area. Pay special attention to areas near corn that stink bugs may move from – freshly cut wheat, weeds or tree lines.

Grasshoppers, similar to stink bugs, are an edge pest.

“If present in high numbers, it is i…

2 min read

Alabama Planting Guide for Forage Legumes

…uate and moisture is appropriate.
at the correct seeding rate per acre.

4. Manage

for high yields!
pests (weeds, insects, and diseases) to ensure that the plant is competitive in establishing and maintaining a good stand.

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Changes in Label for Prowl H2O on Forages

…in-season between cuttings.

Prowl H2O is a dinitroaniline herbicide that controls grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds. It will not control emerged weeds. It’s strengths at less than 4 pints include crabgrass, foxtail, panicum, pig…

2 min read

Bacterial Canker in Peach

…ase cycle
The bacterium overwinters in cankers, buds, and other tissues of peach.  The bacterium also overwinters in weeds and other plant species near the orchard. Frequent rainfall, high humidity and cool temperatures in late winter an…

2 min read

Thistle Control for Pastures

Do thistles really impact spring forage production?
Yes. Research has clearly shown that failure to control winter weeds such as thistles can result in substantial cool season forage losses. Additionally, a dense stand of thistles can …

3 min read

Pastora for Weed Control in Bermudagrass Hayfields

…a has little soil activity, extremely wet summers may shorten the weed control due to additional germination flushes of weeds.

Are there any grazing/haying restrictions I need to remind producers of?
There are no grazing/haying restrict…

3 min read

Facet L Herbicides: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended application timing?
Facet L should be applied early postemergence to small, actively growing weeds and grasses for optimum control. Allow seven days after application prior to cutting for hay (may graze immediatel…

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