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Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Alabama Ponds

…nts that could be stimulating algae, which effectively support fish production, are used by weedy plants. Thick beds of weeds can cause oxygen depletion, leading to fish kills. weeds also interfere with feeding by largemouth bass, reducing …

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Got Weeds? Weeds Affect Everyone

AUBURN, Ala. – Everyone has an interest in controlling weeds. Whether a homeowner or a farmer, weeds affect everyone.

Dr. Joyce Tredaway, and Alabama Cooperative Extension System weed scientist, said her occupation draws questions from p…

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Integrated Pest Management Guides

…mmercial Turf and Lawn, Disease, IPM-1291
Commercial Turf and Lawn, Insects, IPM-1313
Commercial Turf and Lawns, Weeds, IPM-0022
Corn, IPM-0428
Cotton, IPM-0415
General Pesticide Information, IPM-1295
Grain Sorghum, IPM-…

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Thrips: Pests of Ornamental Plants

… thrips would feed and reproduce well in a greenhouse or a crop field. In fact, several pest thrips feed and develop on weeds at the edge of a nursery or crop field. Common examples of saw-tailed thrips include Chilli thrips, flower thrips,…

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Plastic Mulch for Vegetable Production

…ell prepared before laying the plastic mulch to ensure a tight fit between mulch and soil, as any clumps of grass, sod, weeds or soil make proper application difficult. All chemicals and most fertilizers should be applied during bed prepara…

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Right-Of-Way Commercial Applicator Permit Information (ROW)

This Commercial Category is for applicators maintaining or controlling weeds and woody plants along public roads, utility lines, pipelines, railway right-of-ways, or other similar areas.

Click on the text to link to materials and forms….

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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Safe Use of Integrated Pest Management

…nts in bloom if the label prohibits such use.
Maintain good weed control in turf to prevent the presence of blooming weeds.
Mow turf grass to remove blooms before treating.
Apply neonicotinoid treatments to soil after plants have f…

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Cover Crops for Alabama

…ts and irrigation costs. Production of nitrogen and scavenging of nutrients can reduce fertilizer needs. By suppressing weeds and pests, cover crops can reduce costs of pesticides and application. Reduction of erosion and soil compaction me…

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