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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

…tension System publication FOR-2001, “Costs and Trends of Southern Forestry Practices, 2012” at FOR-2001.pdf.

Revenue from forestland may occur on a regular basis, such as income…

15 min read

Small-Scale Specialty Vegetable Production in the Southeast

…rganic Farming Systems. Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University. ANR-2085. [Online]
Majumdar, A. 2014. Understanding the USDA NOP Standards for Pest Management in Specia…

9 min read

Cereal Leaf Beetle: A Pest of Small Grains

The cereal leaf beetle, Olema melanopus, was introduced from Europe into Michigan in the 1950s and is slowly spreading southward. It is now well established throughout the northern half of Alabama and Georgia and is partially establishe…

4 min read


Take a minute to think about why you own land. Is it to pass on to your children and grandchildren? For outdoor recreation? Because you enjoy the beauty of nature? Is it part of your farm?

If you answered yes to one or more of these ques…

5 min read

Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

… for landscape use. University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. Retrieved October 27, 2008, from

Waterfall P. H. and Bickelmann, C. (2006).Harvesting rainwater for landscape use. Uni…

14 min read

Citrus Pest Identification and Management Guide: Scale

*This is an excerpt from Citrus Pest Identification and Management Guide, ANR- 2270.

Many types of scale insects can be found in citrus. This is a large family of insects that has a broad range of size and coloring. Scale can be seen on…

Citrus Pest Identification and Management Guide: Citrus Red Mite

*This is an excerpt from Citrus Pest Identification and Management Guide, ANR- 2270.

Citrus red mites are red in color and approximately 0.55 mm long. Females have an oval-shaped body, while males have a tapered, slightly smaller body. T…

Introduction to Conservation Systems

Soil conservation is an important part of conservation cropping systems. There are many benefits for producers who choose to employ soil conservation practices on-farm.

Learn more about conservation systems in this video featuring inform…

1 min read

Cover Crop Biomass Influences Weed Suppression

Just as cover crops provide a natural suppression for soil diseases and pests, they also assist in weed suppression. Weed resistance management has moved to the forefront of research and extension.

Cover crops can have an influence on we…

1 min read