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Alabama 4-H 2018-19 Statewide Impact

Growing Alabama’s Future
Alabama 4-H is committed to helping our Alabama communities thrive by providing opportunities for young people to be healthy, caring, and responsible. Dedicated staff and volunteers provide caring and supportive re…

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The Power of Youth Mentoring

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Mentoring can make a profound impact on the lives of today’s young people. Sadly, one in three young adults grow up without a mentor. However, organizations, such as 4-H, are combating this statistic a…

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Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2018

The mission of the Alabama Extension Forestry, Wildlife, and Natural Resources team is to provide the latest science-based information available to make decisions regarding the management of natural resources.

Forests cover…

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Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney (POA) allows a person (agent, usually denominated as attorney-in-fact) to conduct your affairs if you are not present or not able. Durable means it is not terminated by the principal’s incapacity. The following…

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Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

Alabama is a water-rich state with more than 132,000 miles of rivers and streams, 3.6 million acres of wetlands, 60 miles of Gulf of Mexico coastline, the most extensive artificial reef system in the United States, and 560,000 acres of lake…

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103 Ways to Save Money

No matter where you are on your financial journey, you can still turn your financial situation around. Sometimes all it takes is that first step in the right direction to get things moving in your favor. The most difficult part is often jus…

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Standby Generators for Emergency Power

Standby generators are powered by tractors or engines and may be either portable or stationary. Engine-driven units available may have an automatic or manual start and are powered by gasoline, LP gas (bottled gas), or diesel fuel.

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Food and Water Safety When the Power Goes Out

After a disaster, there remains the overwhelming job of cleaning up. One of the biggest areas of concern is the safety of food and water.

Water After a Storm
After a major storm, assume that all water sources are contaminated until prov…

5 min read

Coronavirus: Getting Organized While Social Distancing

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is bringing the new reality of social distancing to us all. Social distancing leaves everyone with more time on his or her hands than usual. We ask ourselves, What do we do? Well, no time like the present to be pr…

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Hardpan May Be the Culprit for Your Failing Wildlife Food Plots

Most properties managed for wildlife have at least a few food plots planted on an annual basis. The formula for successful wildlife plots generally involves testing soils, liming and fertilizing as appropriate, managing weeds, tilling, and …

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Alabama Extension is all Heart

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala. – Alabama Extension is all heart when it comes to observing National Heart Month in February each year. This year was no exception as staff engaged in monthlong heart health activities.
National Wear Red Da…

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Pond Building: Pond Construction

*This is an excerpt from Pond Building: A Guide to Planning, Constructing & Maintaining Recreational Ponds, ANR – 1114. 

Permit Requirements
The owner must obtain any required permits before hiring a contractor. If wetlands are…

6 min read

Pond Building: Landscape Planning

*This is an excerpt from Pond Building: A Guide to Planning, Constructing & Maintaining Recreational Ponds, ANR – 1114. 

Water adds variety to a landscape and further enhances its quality. Reflections in water attract the eye and he…

10 min read

Pond Building: Selecting a Pond Site

*This is an excerpt from Pond Building: A Guide to Planning, Constructing & Maintaining Recreational Ponds, ANR – 1114. 

The process of choosing a pond site is at least as important, if not more so, than the actual construction proc…

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4-H Growing Alabama’s Future

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala. – The numbers prove it. Alabama 4-H is helping members become healthy, caring and responsible young people in their homes and communities. With current enrollment at 161,937 with 3,346 clubs, the impact of 4-H is f…

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