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Timetable for Pond Owner Services

… these issues.   Check the telephone directory under government or USDA to find your local County Extension Office.  Links to County Extension Offices and other resources can also be found at
ADCNR Internet Resources

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Acid Rain: An Overview

…nd aluminum ions in solution increases, but the available nutrients decrease. If the nutrients available to these basic links in the food chain are reduced, their population, along with the ecosystem that depends on them, suffers.


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Worker Protection Standard General Information

…ll the changes to the Worker Protection Standards, the Alabama Pesticide Safety education Program has put together some links and documents to help you begin to navigate and understand what will be taking place. The majority of the rule rev…

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Auxin Herbicide Best Management Practices 2019

“EPA Announces Changes To Dicamba Registration”
On October 31, 2018, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is extending the registration of dicamba for two years for“over-the-top” use (application to growing plan…

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About the Alabama Pesticide Safety Education Program

… your different study, training and testing options to determine how best to get your Private Applicator Permit. 

Links for Paid, Registered & Current Students of the Private Applicator Program:

If you have paid, are already …

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