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Agricultural Best Management Practices for Water Quality

…ing operation. No-tillage is the practice of leaving the soil undisturbed from harvest to planting, except for nutrient injection. Crop seeds are planted by a device that opens a trench or slot through the sod or pervious crop residue. Cons…

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Herd Health Management – Dairy Goats and Sheep

…been disbudded or castrated recently will demonstrate this appearance. It is always a good idea to prevent this with an injection of tetanus antitoxin at the time of disbudding or castration; this provides an additional 7 to 10 days of prot…

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Beef Basics iBook

… Functioning Factories
Collecting a Hay Sample
Forages as the Basis of Nutrition
Hay Storage Methods
Giving Injections to Cattle
Frame Scoring Cattle

Download “Beef Basics” for free from the Apple iTunes store. …

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Water Corrosivity and Your Plumbing System

…anks can be installed in parallel to improve neutralizing action without significantly reducing water flow.

Chemical Injection Units
Once installed, chemical Injection type neutralizing systems need calibration to effectively neutralize…

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Using Grass Carp to Control Weeds in Alabama Ponds

…salads and even paté.
Sources of Grass Carp
Adult grass carp spawn in late spring when the water is warming. Hormone injections force spawning. All sizes are available at any time of the year. For a list of producers in your area, contac…

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Goat Vaccination

…her countries. Such vaccines are available in Europe and are used mainly in sheep, with a primary series comprised of 2 injections 4 to 6 weeks apart followed by an annual booster 4 to 6 weeks before lambing. Unfortunately, no IRP vaccines …

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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Administering Cattle Health Products Properly

Selecting the best route of administration, choosing the correct needle, choosing the correct injection site, practicing good sanitation, handling drugs correctly, and proper restraint will ensure proper action of the drug and will …

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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Cattle Health Product Use and Storage

…s. (Approved uses)

Dosage and Administration: COWBIOTIC Injectable Solution should be administered by intramuscular injection at a dose rate of 20 mg/kg body weight (3 mL/100 lbs). A second dose should be administered 48 hours later. Do…

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Sheep Production in the Southeast

…ted by proper immunizations. Timing is important, and most immunizations require a booster 2 to 4 weeks after the first injection. CD&T (overeating and tetanus) vaccine is highly recommended for pregnant ewes 30 days prior to lambing an…

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Vaccinations for the Beef Cattle Herd

…gh some may be given by other routes, such as intranasal and oral. Although antibiotics are also often administered via injection, treating an animal with one of these drugs is not a vaccination but rather a treatment once an infection has …

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Low-Stress Cattle Handling

… chemicals by humans, spilling certain products (especially organophosphates) on the skin or in the eyes, or accidental injection can be stressful to people. If accidents happen, contact a physician immediately. Take the label with you so t…

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Bovine Johne’s Disease

…less than 35 days old when vaccinated. Adverse vaccine reactions are common and include: 1) granuloma or abscess at the injection site (dewlap); 2) reaction to tuberculin skin tests; and 3) reaction to Johne’s disease serologic tests.

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Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination Programs for Beef Cattle

… basic methods that work with the physiology of the cow’s normal estrous cycle.

Prostaglandin (PGF2α) injections cause CL regression (see section on the normal estrous cycle) and standing heat in 1 to 5 days, unless the co…

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Blackleg and Other Clostridial Diseases in Cattle

…r, sporadic cases do occur in cattle older than 2 years and are often associated with the reuse of needles for multiple injections. Blackleg can also be a problem in cattle less than 4 months old that do not receive adequate passive immunit…

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Managing Feeder Pigs

…els of the products you use, including the proper withholding time before slaughter. The neck is the preferred site for injection.

Sick Pen 
Maintaining a sick pen for treated pigs is important in reducing death losses. Sick pigs s…

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