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Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program

The Mobile Bay Oyster Gardening Program is a volunteer-based project that focuses on education, restoration/enhancement, and research by bringing the reef to the people.

Volunteers with access to waterfront property in Mobile or Baldwin …

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Problems in Ornamental Garden Pools

Problems is part six of six in the Ornamental Garden Pools series.
Water Quality Problems
The two most common water quality problems are oxygen depletions and the build-up of toxic nitrogenous wastes.

Oxygen depletions occur because th…

3 min read

Aquatic Plants for Ornamental Garden Pools

Aquatic Plants is part five of six in the Ornamental Garden Pools series.

Aquatic plants not only add beauty to an ornamental pool but are also effective filters and nutrient absorbers. Plants, like sagittaria or anacharas (elodea), come…

3 min read

Fish for Ornamental Garden Pools

Fish is part four of six in the Ornamental Garden Pools series.

One common mistake made by novice ornamental pool owners is to stock too many fish. Many people do not consider the number of fish the pool can safely support and that fish …

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Water for Ornamental Garden Pools

Water is part three of six in the Ornamental Garden Pools series.
Water Source
Whether your ornamental pool is a plastic tub or a backyard wonder with waterfalls and hidden lights, good water quality must be maintained. If not, the pool d…

6 min read

Equipment and Costs of Ornamental Garden Pools

Equipment and Costs is part two of six in the Ornamental Garden Pools series.

Ornamental Garden pools can be relatively expensive to build and maintain, although many beginners start with little expense by using an old wash tub or a chil…

4 min read

Location, Size, and Type of Ornamental Garden Pools

Location, Size, and Type is part one of six in the Ornamental Garden Pools series.

Ornamental pools, long common in the Orient, are becoming very popular in the United States. The soothing, visual beauty of pools is enhanced by aquatic p…

3 min read

Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens
The Home Grounds Urban Gardens component increases the intake of local fresh fruits and vegetables to improve nutrition, raises awareness about GMOs and educates communities about economical Gardening in urban spaces. Extens…

1 min read

Flooded Gardens and Fields

Home Gardens and Floods
If your backyard Garden was in a flooded area, chances are it lost some nitrogen. You will have to refertilize. If you were about to prepare your Garden, wait a couple of days. Do not till or cultivate your Garden w…

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Junior Master Gardener

The Alabama Junior Master Gardener program is committed to helping young people become Gardeners and contributing citizens. The curriculum provides a hands-on approach to learning horticulture, environmental science, leadership, and life s…

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