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Housing & Facilities for Dairy Goats

…e alfalfa and peanut hay.

In addition to pasture type and size, consideration should be given to the design of other facilities needed on a dairy goat farm, including housing for kids, shelter for weaned and adult goats, feed storage, fe…

5 min read

Auburn University Fisheries Program To Host Fisheries Field Day

…h and demonstrations on fish filleting are just a few of the The day’s activities also include tours of the fisheries facilities and ponds, food vendors, extended fish market hours, presentations from professors and students and children …

2 min read

Livestock Health After Severe Weather

…t look for any injuries livestock may have sustained and deadly poisons, chemicals and plants in livestock pastures and facilities.
Feed and Water
The first thing producers need is a plan to ensure their animals have a supply of feed and …

2 min read

Silvopasture: An Opportunity for Additional Income from Your Forestland

…duction of Livestock
Before livestock is introduced into your silvopasture, you must provide both fencing and watering facilities. Fencing controls animal movement and is critical to a successful silvopasture management area. Plan your fen…

5 min read

Horticulture Notes: Harvesting and Curing Sweetpotatoes

…ins or slatted crates. Palleti­zation of crates and use of pallet boxes facilitate handling. Some of the newer storage facilities equipped for pal­letized handling have separate curing and storage rooms. Sweetpotatoes can be cured in pall…

2 min read

SerPIE-ASEMP 2019: Eligibility & Application Process

… dormitory throughout the duration of the program. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with a microwave. Laundry facilities are available in the dormitory area. ASEMP participants will engage in experiential learning activities for o…

2 min read

Milling Dimensions: Characteristics of Portable Sawmill Owners and Operators

…tachments. However, these require a much higher capital investment than the other tools require.

Drying and storage facilities are also needed. Postprocessed wood must be dried before use. Lumber is typically air dried in an open or s…

8 min read


…ing projects, and engage in SerPIE initiatives. They will also visit local pharmaceutical companies and water treatment facilities as well as participate in the development of SerPIE educational materials. The students will provide input in…

3 min read

Value-Added Products Utilizing Goat and Sheep Milk

…can be processed into yogurt, skin care, or utility products. If converting milk into consumables, your milk processing facilities and products may have to undergo a safety inspection. However, if you are converting dairy milk into skin ca…

4 min read

Composting Good for Environment and Homeowners

…e amount of solid waste produced in our state is creating disposal problems in landfills and as a result, many disposal facilities have been forced to close,” Lee said. “Composting is not the only answer to this problem but it is an importa…

2 min read