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Assessing and Managing Storm-Damaged Timber

…ot removed. The best way to remove fuels is with a frequent prescribed fire program. If a salvage cut is not conducted, downed trees and slash should be pushed into piles to be burned. Well-maintained roads and fire lanes can help prevent w…

5 min read

Hurricane Deals Heavy Blow to Alabama Agriculture

…midtrunk while toppling others. Destroyed timber is valued at almost $20.9 million.

“The forest impact goes beyond downed trees to pine straw production,” said Lemme. “We estimate pine straw losses at about $11.8 million.”


2 min read

Flooded Landscapes

Flood damage to your home or office may be extensive and overwhelming. What about your landscape and garden? Your first impulse may be to pull all the plants out and start over. But wait. Your landscape may at least partially recover.

4 min read

Beaver Control in Alabama

In the 1930s, beaver populations in Alabama were reduced to about 500 animals as a result of trapping, hunting, and the demand for fur. Conservation efforts, such as reintroductions and regulated harvest, in conjunction with low fur prices …

9 min read