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Alabama Prospective Planting Numbers Released

AUBURN, Ala.—A year of tumultuous weather and natural disasters, 2018 brought challenges where expectations were high for good yields and market pricing. In Alabama alone, producers experienced hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding on top of…

2 min read

Helping Children Cope with Stress, Grief After a Disaster

AUBURN UNIVERSITY, Ala.—Disasters are stressful for every person affected. Feelings of anxiety and grief are especially prevalent in children following a natural disaster, like a tornado.

Dr. Katrina Akande, a Human Development and Fam…

3 min read

Flood-Damaged Agricultural Buildings

…The referrals may be obtained by calling the FEMA Helpline (800-621-3362) or by visiting FEMA’s website ( Select the state in which your disaster occurred.

Farm Loans
Farm loans are available to people who have…

5 min read

Safety After a Disaster

When natural disasters strike, you must take care of yourself and your family first. There are serious problems to deal with before recovery begins. Illness or injury may result from contaminated water, debris-filled roadways, electrical an…

4 min read

Water Access Issues in Alabama

…egislative approval for the waiver of emergency permit fees for rebuilding waterfront properties after declared natural disasters. This action would decrease immediate economic pressure on water-dependent businesses in the aftermath of natu…

5 min read

Maintaining Herd Health When Introducing a New Bull

… the number of cases of anaplasmosis, perhaps as a result of increased cattle movement due to drought and other natural disasters. Anaplasma marginale is transmitted from a carrier to susceptible cattle by biting flies and ticks or via cont…

5 min read

Oysters in Alabama

…for oyster larvae to settle on and grow. Large amounts of clamshells or other materials are often planted after natural disasters, and oyster shells are regularly planted to replace shells removed in the harvesting process. Significant oppo…

4 min read


When disasters strike, individuals and businesses all too often lose important computer files. You can replace equipment, but data may be lost forever.

Before Storm
It is important to back up your data and store it someplace besides y…

4 min read

Emergency Preparedness: What Should You Do? Pt 2

…tion Resource List

“Get a Disaster Supplies Kit” –
“Reducing the Impact of Disasters through Education” – www.eden/

American National Red Cross. (2009). Be red cross re…

6 min read

Emergency Preparedness: What Should You Do? Pt 1

While man-made or natural disasters may be unpredictable, being prepared will help you and your loved ones to act decisively when such incidences occur.

National Elevated and Imminent Advisories
In April 2011, the United States Departme…

6 min read