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Brunswickgrass: A Weed in Southern Pastures & Bahiagrass Seed Fields

…zome system that looks different from bahiagrass rhizomes. Brunswickgrass rhizomes occur below the soil surface (with a depth of approximately 4 in or 10 centimeters) and spread laterally (figure 4, left), while bahiagrass rhizomes, which a…

3 min read

Subterranean Termite Control Products for Alabamians

…that will be covered by the slab. After the slab is poured, apply at a rate of 4 gallons per 10 linear feet per foot of depth to create a vertical barrier in soil backfill areas next to foundation elements such as walls, piers, pipes, slab …

6 min read

Farming Basics: A CEU Credit Opportunity

…dvice and guidance for our whole farm,” DeBoer said.

In addition to basics, the course provides participants with in-depth information about farmers market regulations, food safety laws, soil preparation and irrigation. It also offers ti…

3 min read

Azaleas: An Alabama Beauty

…ings by adding pine bark or peat moss to improve drainage and lower pH. These beds should be 10 to 12 inches deep. This depth provides an artificial environment similar to a large container. Additional watering is required. Avoid building r…

3 min read

Investment Costs of Center Pivot Irrigation in Alabama—Three Scenarios

…groundwater can vary from field to field. Costs of drilling a well typically range from $30,000 to $60,000 based on the depth of drilling and the ease of which a suitable ground water source is found.

A field’s distance from the electr…

5 min read

SmartMap Education Program

…orest imagery and maps.  While SmartMap 1.0 provides an introduction to UAV technology, this course provides a more in-depth review with hands-on training in the use of apps for planning and conducting UAS flights.
SmartMap 2.0 Learning O…

3 min read

Wood Duck Management In Alabama

…r with an interior diameter of 5 inches or greater. Cavities deeper than 50 inches are rarely used for nesting. Ideal depths are about 24 inches.

Generally, higher cavities receive greater use by nesting hens, but sites as low as 6 fe…

8 min read

Home Soil Testing: Taking a Sample

…Every square foot of soil can be different. Soil acidity and nutrients vary across the surface of the soil and with the depth of the soil.

Collecting Soil Samples

It is important that you take a composite sample of the area …

3 min read

Crop and Pastureland Recovery After a Flood

…ional tillage methods. If sediments or residue accumulates four to eight inches, deep tillage to twice the accumulation depth with a moldboard or chisel plow may be necessary. Minor ditches and gullies as a result of erosion can also be cor…

3 min read