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Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for a Teen Being Bullied

…h as feelings of loneliness) and behavior changes (such as withdrawing from peers or becoming more aggressive).

When bullying occurs, parents/guardians often ask, What can we do to support our children when they experience bullying? This…

5 min read

Advancing Bullying Awareness: Parenting Strategies for Teens Who Bully Others

In this second of a five-part series, you will learn how to recognize and prevent bullying behaviors in youth ages 12 to 17.

bullying is very common in children and youth. National data has indicated that approximately 30 percent of …

6 min read

Wrangling Youth Bullying

…aging bull pervading throughout the nation. Wreaking havoc on youth as well as families and communities, the issue of bullying has evolved in perplexity with potentially damaging and sometimes fatal consequences. Parents and the public al…

4 min read

Extension Leads in Advancing Alabama

…dence to avoid nicotine products.
2,786 teens demonstrated skills to communicate about complex issues because of antibullying programs conducted in 17 counties.
7,841 adults increased their parenting skills because of parent education…

8 min read

Home Layer Flock Management Suggestions

…ss in others. In any flock, there will be one bird at the bottom of the pecking order that attracts the majority of the bullying. It may be wise to have a small hospital pen for removing birds that are sick or injured, so they may have a ch…

5 min read

VIP: Volunteer in Urban Programs

… work to:

Build strong families & communities
Promote healthy eating, exercise, and food safety
Reduce bullying and enhance leadership skills
Promote home & community gardens and enhance green living spaces

2 min read

Midwinter Leadership Retreat

… but we are all the same on the inside! We all have different characteristics, but we all must unite as one to overcome bullying. Come along with us as we flash through together to stop bullies.

Packing List

Twin sheets and blanket …

2 min read

HYPE: Helping Youth Promote Empathy

Resource for youth ages 5–18
Developing tools to reduce bullying through empathy & understanding.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that each year in America, 1 in 4 children are bullied. bullying causes physica…

2 min read