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Stay at Home Beekeeping Series – Distance Learning for Beekeeping Clubs

… will help reduce transmission of the virus, particularly to vulnerable individuals. As a result, the Alabama Extension beekeeping team developed the Stay at Home beekeeping Series.

This series will promote educational information for be…

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Revamped Beekeeping Program Benefits State’s Agriculture

… of food production.  To ensure that crop pollination is not threatened in the state, Alabama Extension created a new beekeeping program that includes educators from Auburn University and Alabama A&M University.
Pollinators are Impor…

2 min read

Extension Teams Working for You

…s from helping the public,” said Mike Phillips, an assistant director of Alabama Extension. “Our teams, such as the beekeeping, gardening and animal sciences and forages teams, have developed online workshops, videos, webinars, and othe…

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Alabama Beekeepers Symposium


Beginning beekeepers will want to participate in a conference track designed just for them that will cover modern beekeeping techniques.

Experienced beekeepers will have the opportunity to choose among several tracks.


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Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Pollinator Ecology

…nts. People may choose to keep honey bee hives or even create various nests in urban environments for this purpose.

Beekeeping, although declining nationally over the last 60 years, is becoming trendy again in urban areas. If you are in…

8 min read

Nectar and Pollen Producing Plants of Alabama: A Guide for Beekeepers

…of plants in any given area may change considerably over a period of years due to natural events.

Beginners in beekeeping frequently ask questions about growing crops or plants specifically for honey production. In general, it is n…

5 min read