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Low Impact Development

Web Resources

General LID Information

Low Impact Development Center

Introduction to Low Impact Development

Puget Sound Action Team, LID

Puget Sound Water Quality Action Team, interactive LID cd

LID Strategy for Green Cove Basin: A Case Study in Regulatory Protection of Aquatic Habitat in Urbanizing Watersheds

US EPA Low Impact Development Home Page

Stormwater Journal: Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development (a simple overview)

LID Urban Design Tools

DOD Manual of LID

Rainwater Harvesting


Are rain gardens effective at removing stormwater pollutants?

Check out a study from Haddam, CT.

Environmental Science Technology article, 12-05


Rain Gardens / Bioretention Areas


NC Backyard Rain Gardens

Bioretention Performance, Design, Construction and Maintenance (2006)

Designing a Rain Garden, NCSU BAE

Rain Garden Basics, NCSU BAE

Citizen's Guide for Protecting Wilmington's Waterways (NC)

Rain Gardens for Home Landscapes, Atlanta Clean Water Campaign (step by step guide)

Chester County Conservation District BMP Virtual Tour

Rain Gardens of Western Michigan (excellent how to guide)

Download Rain Garden Summary Powerpoint


Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Green Roof Research, NCSU BAE



Cleveland Environmental Center; Source:; Photo by Akron Beacon Journal


Rain Barrels

Rain Barrel Guide

* Do It Yourself ...

How To Build a Rain Barrel (Florida Extension)

Center for Watershed Protection Rain Barrel Guide

Do It Yourself Rain Barrel Guide (Atlanta)

Do It Yourself Rain Barrels (Southwest Florida)

Do It Yourself Rain Barrel Guide (Lake Superior)

* Note - review these resources and others to find what works best for your home and landscape


Bioretention area, North Carolina State University Campus, NSCU BAE

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