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GIS Data are designed to work with GIS Software such as ArcGIS, Leica Geosystems, Intergraph, and AutoCAD. Auburn University in no way endorses nor supports these GIS products.
Geo-Spatial (Geographic Information System) Data

Data Types Available:

Recently updated
Resource Maps
GIS data are not usually directly readable with standard Windows or MacOS programs. Click the icon on the right for short list of FREE data viewers that you can download.

Geospatial Data Groupings

USGS Topographic series DRG maps, Public Land Survey System (Township-Range) boundaries
2009 & 2006 Color DOQQs!!, Digital Ortho Quarter Quads, Satellite Imagery from various years.
90 m Shuttle Radar Elevation Data, 30 m , 10 m DEM data, continuous and seamless; 5m LIDAR for a few select areas
County level Order 2 Soil Survey (SSURGO) and Statewide Soil Associations (STATSGO)
Streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands, hydrologic units (HUC), and other water related features. 1990 and 2000 Land use classifications, Impervious Surfaces, Canopy

Infrastructure Data

Roads, Railroads, airports, and other man-made features (Under Construction) Hard-rock geology, Eco-Regions, Major Land Resource Areas (MLRA)

Population and Economics

(Under Construction) Preconstructed and really nice looking maps for downloading and printing
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