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Water Wheels Training Resources

Training Workshop Resources

Section 1 Tests and Transcripts

When hosting Water Wheels Training for students or youth, please follow the attached instructions.

Section 2 Lesson Plans

Section 3 Guide to Water Wheels

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Section 5 Educator Resources

Alabama Watersheds

Planet H20

Mission H2O Game

  • This game has 8 levels and can take a long time, but is quite challenging. Must have Internet connection to play
  • http://www.savewater.com.au/mission-h2o-game
  • Game shows ways to conserve water by requiring active participation at some level. Sorting dirty clothes and dishes. Watering plants, using gray water, collecting rainwater, although putting pipes together is a bit remote.

United State Geological Survey: The Water Cycle

What is an aquifer and how does it work?

Why should you conserve water?

  • Compelling graphic (map of US, water use shaded) about states water use. AL is in second largest user category
  • http://www.conservewater.utah.gov/WhyConserve/
  • Information put out by Utah and Utah’s climate, which is dryer than ours.
  • This makes it more compelling that we are using so much water in a wetter climate.

EPA Water Sourcebooks

  • 324 classroom activities for K-12, divided into 4 grade groups.
  • http://water.epa.gov/learn/kids/drinkingwater/wsb_index.cfm
  • The Water Sourcebook Series comes as PDF downloadable files and is now available on CD.
  • Water Sourcebook helps kids learn about water, “use what you need and don’t pollute,” is the message sent to children through the series.
  • The majority of the teacher training and distribution of the books are being done in Alabama by Legacy—Partners in Environmental Education.
  • http://www.legacyenved.com
  • 334 270.5921 Legacy

Lesson Planet (charge for membership)


How can we help maintain our water supply?

Water Conservation Teachers Domain.org on lessonplans.com

Florida Water Conservation School

  • Florida has been very forward thinking on water conservation education for educators and citizens.
  • Four grade levels of lesson plans.
  • 12 page Teacher’s manual
  • http://www.waterconservationschool.com/lessons.htm
  • Has water use calculators, ways to save water, watering wisely.

Penn State Lesson Plans for Teachers

Smart Exchange Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for all types of Water issues, Virginia SOLs 6.7b,c, grade 6-12

  • Watershed mapping
  • Plants, natures’ filters
  • Wetlands, sediment, pollution
  • Water treatment, decision making, policy
  • http://www.rivanna-stormwater.org/lessonplans.htm
  • Math (ppb) measures contents of chemicals in streams
  • Geography, Science, Government, Social Studies.

Down the Drain: Water Conservation and Flood Prevention, Science, Social Studies


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