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Water Wheels

What is Water Wheels?

Water Wheels is a mobile lab developed to train students, homeowners, community leaders, volunteers, educators and state leaders about water conservation and how we as citizens can help. This mobile lab is ready to travel the state to bring you fun activities, and a Water Conservation 3-D Computer Game: "Water You Doing."

Water Wheels conducted its first educator training in October in North Alabama. Educator training opportunities will be posted on the reservation calendar. The educator-training program will be four hours and offer 0.4 educator credits.

Water Wheels LabWater Wheels is a 36-foot mobile lab housing 15 gaming computers that sports the new "Water You Doing" Water Conservation Game. During the game you can try to stop the Water Thieves from stealing the water in your landscape, be sure you shoot them with the bubble gun, because they will come back. Experience ways water is lost in your landscape and water reduction solutions.

Educational Goals

Learn about watersheds, water pollution, runoff and how to make your own rainwater collection system, and even hookup your toilet to a rainwater tank.Rainwater collection system Water Wheels is available to any public or private group, school, organization, including, but not limited to: school and Alabama Cooperative Extension educators, clubs, master gardeners, community leaders, conservation and neighborhood organizations.

The only requirement is that one person in the host group must have participated in Water Wheels training and be available during the Water Wheels visit. Open registration will begin in the Fall 2012. Water Wheels can accommodate 30 Interior of Water Wheelsparticipants per session and requires a trained educator be present and participate in hands on water conservation activities. The Water Wheels lab is housed in Hazel Green, Alabama at Alabama A&M University’s Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station.

Educator Training

If you are interested in attending an Educator Workshop, check the calendar listing or contact Rhonda Britton at <rhonda.britton68@gmail.com>. Most of the educator training materials can be found online.

Making Reservations

Want to reserve Water Wheels for your program, school or organization? Download the Reservation Form and the Water Wheels Agreement Form. Sign the Agreement Form and return both forms via e-mail or regular mail to Rhonda Britton at 372 Walker Lane, Hazel Green, AL 35750 or reserve online.

Reservations for after hours school programs or for non-school groups will require payment of a transportation and fuel fee. If you can schedule your participation when the Water Wheels Lab is in your area, transportation and fuel costs may be less. For example, a round trip to Birmingham for two three-hour workshops in the same day would cost about $175. The cost to you can be disbursed among 30 to 50 participants using a registration fee of $3.50 to $6.00. We apologize for the fee requirement, but it’s necessary to cover transportation and fuel costs.


This project was made possible through a grant provided by USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Other support has been provide by the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District, Alabama Science in Motion, and Natures Solutions Rain Harvesting Systems.