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Alabama Ethnic Food Security Network

Recent Events

Summer Pasture Tour 2014Northwest Alabama Summer Pasture Tour

The Northwest Alabama Summer Forages & Pasture Ride took place Saturday, June 21, 2014, from 9:00 A.M. to noon at the farm of J.C. and Pat Holt in Colbert County.  Collaboration for this event included Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Northwest Alabama RC&D Council, and Alabama Agricultural A+ Marketing Association.  Basis for this event was to showcase sustainable opportunities regarding warm season forages for livestock grazing and hay production.  The goal was to increase farmers’ knowledge on summer forage options, implementation, and nutrient value for livestock with the expectations they would be able to implement relevant practices on their farms and reduce feed costs for livestock production. 

Quality summer-time forages are an efficient method to ensure low-cost nutrition for grazing animals.  While summer heat generally causes most grasses and legumes to go dormant, there are other options that flourish during summer and provide quality nutrition at the same time.  The ability for farmers to provide quality summer grazing along with a forage strategy helps reduce expenses and increases the likelihood of profitability.

Agenda topics, speakers, and agencies included:

  • Welcome & Orientation: Robert Spencer, Urban Regional Extension Specialist, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  • NRCS Programs & Offices: Mike Roden, Executive Director, AMRV RC&D Council
  • Pasture ride: Courtesy of AMRV RC&D Council (provided passenger trailer)
  • Role of Northwest Alabama RC&D Council: Charlie Meek, Executive Director
  • New and Beginning Farm Program: J.C. Holt, Liaison
  • Evaluation & Group Discussion: Robert Spencer
  • Lunch: Courtesy of Alabama Agricultural A+ Marketing Association, J.C. & Pat Holt, and Charlie Thompson (Chef Thompson)

Summer Pasture Tour 2014Statistically Speaking: Of the forty-one people attending 35% were female, 15% were youth, 22% were full-time farmers, 9% non-farmers, and the remainder were part-time farmers. Forty percent of the attendees had been farming ten years or less.  A majority of the attendees were from surrounding counties, but one drove from Atlanta, and another couple came from the Selma area. 

Post-event evaluation results: 100% gained significant knowledge on summer-time forage options, implementation, and nutrient value; 87% felt these options are something they would implement on their farms within the next year; 95% felt the utilization of such quality forages would help reduce feed costs and increase potential farm revenues; 40% were not currently registered with their local USDA Service Center; 60% of those would consider registering. 


  • “This was an excellent program, I really enjoyed and learned.”
  • “The chance to interact with other producers was great.”
  •  “The opportunity to network with other agencies will help me in the future.”

Photo from 2014 Spring Forum2014 Spring Forum: Fencing, Forages, and Best Management Practices

Took place Saturday March 22, 2014, at the Winfred Thomas Agricultural Research Station, in Hazel Green, Alabama. Anyone with large or small ruminants or horses knows the challenges with keeping livestock production sustainable and economically affordable. This even tincluded an education program, pasture walk, and local farm tour. It focused on long-term forage management utilizing quality forages and mixed species grazing, fencing options and establishment, and showcased the new Small Ruminant Outreach Center and its features. Forum contacts were Eddie Wheeler and Robert Spencer.

March 1 Fencing Workshop photoFencing Workshop

Held Saturday March 1, 2014, in the Lauderdale County Extension Office in Florence, Alabama. Whether you have cows, goats, sheep, or horses fencing is important for the protection of your animals, your piece of mind, and maintaining good relations with neighbors. There have been some new developments with high-quality affordable fencing over the past few years, and Extension wanted to share these new concepts. This workshop included videos on posts and fencing installation, a display of materials and tools used, and various types of fencing. Robert Spencer was the contact for this workshop.

Sheep and Goat Health Workshop and Field Day

Attendees at a microscopeDiscussion among participants and presentersHost Eddie Wheeler directing the tour

Held on Saturday, February 1, 2014, at the Northeast Alabama Community College Workforce Development Building, in Rainsville, Alabama. The morning session focused on Sheep & Goat Healthcare, Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Parasite Identification, Fecal Egg Counting and FAMACHA Training. There was an afternoon tour of the Leah Farm owned by Lee and Rudy Caudill in Section, Alabama. Topics of the farm tour will included Pasture Management, Soil Testing, FAMACHA, Vaccinations and Injection Sites. This workshop was free to the public. Workshop contacts were Dr. Maria Leite-Browning and Mr. Eddie J. Wheeler. FAMACHA Cards were available for purchase.

Dr. Browning with goatAttendees on a haywagon rideParticipants with goats