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Wildlife Damage Management

Wildlife Damage Management


Before you take action to remove or exterminate any wildlife on your property in Alabama, consult the hunting regulations for our state at:

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

The division of Wildlife Management within the USDA employs biologists that are equipped to handle most major wildlife damage complaints for a fee. In Alabama, you may contact:

Alabama Wildlife Services
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn University, AL 36849-5418
Phone: 334-844-5670
FAX: 334-844-8079

For smaller problems, like squirrels or bats in the attic, you may wish to contact a local professional to help you remove unwanted animals from your home or property. Type "wildlife damage management" and the name of your city into your favorite internet search engine and find out who is available near you. You may also visit www.ATPCA.org to find a list of qualified, licensed trappers for hire in Alabama.