• Cool Pets: Safeguard Pets in Summer Heat
  • Ticks! Beware of Ticks This Summer
  • Colorful Cousins: Fox Squirrels
  • A Warning to Cotton Producers: Extension Entomologists Warn Cotton Producers About Tarnished Plant Bugs

Climate and Crops video

Climate and Crops

Drought, floods, heat, freeze, insects, diseases. Climate variability can make each of these worse, complicating farm profits. Scientists are opening new doors in understanding how to adapt to climate variation.

Change is coming. Learn to adapt.


Safeguard Pets in Summer Heat

AUBURN, Alabama–As the state bakes with temperatures in the 90s, remember to protect pets from the dangers of heat-related illnesses. Alabama Extension specialist Robert Spencer says it’s important to take extra measures to keep pets hydrated in high temperatures. Plentiful Water Crucial “Pets should have access to fresh water at multiple locations,” he said.  “Animals may be unwilling to move ... The post Safeguard Pets in... ...more

So You're in the Cattle Business

So You’re in the Cattle Business

So, you're in the cattle business. Do you know where you're going? This video will share five key steps to creating a successful farm or ranch operation.