• Who's That Swimming With You? Water Snakes in Alabama
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  • How to Choose a Peach
  • How to Choose a Peach

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One in four people in Alabama use Extension programs. From 4-H to Master Gardeners, agricultural climatology to workforce development…Alabama Extension has something for everyone. How can we help you?


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Interested in gardening? Want to know what's happening in agriculture? Passionate about the outdoors? You need to make Extension Daily your latest media habit. You will find new content every day. Gardening, Food, Living, Agriculture, Outdoors and Environment, Youth and 4-H and Business and Economics. There is something for everyone. Bookmark ExtensionDaily.com today!

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Gardening in the South iBooks for the Home Gardener

Gardening in the South Series

Realize your dream of a beautiful garden with the help of the new interactive book series, Gardening in the South. The first three books in the five-part series are now available.

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