2014 PRECISION AGRICULTURE – Lesson 8 - Yield Monitoring

2014 Precision Agriculture –
Lesson 8 - Yield Monitoring

In this video Dr. Fulton describes why the backbone to farm site-specific management is yield monitoring. For more information, please visit Alabama Precision Agriculture.

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Governor Honors 100th Anniversary of Cooperative Extension

Building Community Gardens
without Tears

Sallie Lee has introduced the medical practice of triage in her work as an Alabama Extension urban regional agent specializing in home grounds and gardening..


Alabama Cottage Food Law

Alabama Cottage Food Law

Alabama Cottage Food Law - FCS-2058 Alabama Cottage Food Law: Food Safety - FCS-2059 Alabama's Cottage Food Law went into effect June 1. Two new Extension publications explain restrictions and requirements of the law as well as safety recommendations to consider when preparing food for your family or for your customers. Click here for class schedule.