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ACLN Conference- Getting leaders in the game

Leaders from across the state joined together at this year’s Alabama Community Leadership Network Conference to learn the most effective ways to give back to their... more

Alabama Extension’s Ortiz Recognized Nationally for Climate Change Project

The Southeast Climate Extension project, a large-scale partnership of six universities across the Southeast, was recently awarded the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Partnership... more

Archery Season Opens This Month

Bowhunters in southern Alabama are already enjoying the start of archery season while hunters further north in the state will have to wait a few... more

Fall Harvest Season Presents Many Dangers on Farms

Fall harvest season is here for many farmers in Alabama. Farmers across the state are heading to their fields with huge combines and powerful tractors... more

Peanut Pod Blasting Offers Farmers Better Yields And Bigger Paychecks

With the peanut harvest underway, peanut farmers are hoping for good yields and strong paydays. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System‘s Peanut Pod Blasting workshops offer farmers... more