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Boxwood Blight: A New Disease Impacting the South

  Boxwoods are a key element in many Southern gardens, but now a new disease, boxwood blight, is striking this garden favorite. The first find... more

Firewood: Keeping Home Fires Burning

Buying firewood can be confusing.  How much is really in that pickup truck?  What kind of wood is it? The first thing you should know... more

Protect Yourself: Tips for Safe Chainsaw Use

All too often, people do not read the operator’s manual.  That may not be a problem for hair dryers and vacuums.  But Dr. Mathew Smidt, an... more

Pond Upkeep–Testing the Waters

Some land owners may believe that their ponds should be left alone and self-sustaining. Some say “nature will run its course”, but in many areas,... more

Annie’s Project Set for Six Tuesday Evenings in Etowah County

Ladies of Etowah County join us for Annie’s Project in February and March! Annie’s Project is a six-week intensive agri-business series for women with a... more

Annie’s Project Set for Six Thursday Evenings in Hale County

 Ladies of Hale County join us for Annie's Project in February and March!    Annie's Project is... more

​Alabama Extension Professionals in Baldwin County Honored for 4-H Excellence

Alabama Extension administrators honored Extension professionals from Baldwin County at a recent Baldwin County Commission meeting. The... more


  The holiday season is here. It is time for family get-togethers, decorating, shopping, gift-wrapping, baking... more

Outstanding Speakers at Mississippi-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference

By Casey Whitaker The 2014 Mississippi-Alabama Rural Tourism Conference is set for Oct. 20-22 in... more

Doyle Keasal to Speak at 2014 Rural Tourism Conference

​The Mississippi-Alabama 2014 Rural Tourism Conference is set for Oct. 20-22 in Greenwood, Mississippi. The conference is... more