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4-H Chick Chain Grows Ability

Auburn, Ala.—Alabama’s 4-H Chick Chain project has had growing success since 2013. It has expanded from just a few counties participating to almost a majority... more

Billboards Say Steph Curry Drains Threes and Eat Peas

Auburn, Ala.—The National Basketball Association’s 2015 Most Valuable Player and Golden State Warriors’ point guard, Steph Curry is featured on billboards throughout Alabama until Feb.... more

Growing your own citrus

Mobile, Ala.—Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which means spring is just around the corner and warmer temperatures are quickly approaching. Nothing accompanies a... more

Crop Outlook 2016: Farmers Take on Long-term Perspectives

AUBURN, Ala.—Droughts, heavy rainfall and a variety of other conditions plagued farmers in 2015. Now, producers heading into planting for 2016 are already researching and... more

The “Super Bowl” of Party Food

AUBURN. Ala. – The biggest party of the year is upon us. Try these three recipes for your Super Bowl party. Whether you are cheering... more

Widespread Zika outbreak unlikely in United States

AUBURN, Ala.—Public health officials are working to contain an outbreak of Zika virus across Central and South America. But scientists at Auburn University do not... more

Wiregrass Cotton Expo Offers Profitability Training for Producers

Auburn, Ala.—Cotton growers throughout the state are looking for ways to maximize cotton crop profits in a market where prices are low and inputs are... more

Heavy Rains May Bring Flash Floods and Flooding to Alabama

A line of storms is expected to move across Alabama Tuesday and Wednesday. With very high wind shear values, rotation is possible and a few isolated... more

All in a Name: Woodchuck, Ground Hog or Whistle Pig

Auburn, AL.—Will the woodchuck see his shadow? How much wood would a groundhog chuck? It is not a case of mixed metaphors, but rather multiple... more

Be Prepared for Severe Weather This Week

Auburn, Alabama—Meterologists have been warning Alabamians for almost a week about the potential for severe weather Tuesday and Wednesday. A cold front is expected to... more

Darrue Sharpe Named New Extension Coordinator for Autauga County

Alabama Extension’s Autauga County  office has a new County Extension Coordinator. Darrue Sharpe began work January... more

Annie's Project Set for Three Thursday Evenings in Madision County

    Ladies of Madison County, join us for Annie’s Project in February!   Annie’s Project is a three-session... more

Mike Reeves is New Extension Coordinator for Morgan County

Alabama Extension has named Mike Reeves as the new county Extension coordinator for Morgan County.   Reeves is... more

Annie’s Project Set for Six Thursday Evenings in Macon County

  Ladies of Macon County, join us for Annie's Project in January! Annie’s Project is... more

Lisa Jones Named New Extension Coordinator for Jefferson County

Alabama Extension’s Jefferson County  office has a new County Extension Coordinator. Lisa Jones began work Nov. 2.... more

Amelia Mitchell is New County Extension Coordinator for Mobile County

Alabama Extension has named Amelia Mitchell as the new County Extension Coordinator for Mobile County.... more

Enhancing Food Safety and Quality

​ Whether it’s a  new food business in Alabama looking for assistance with its nutrition labeling or a... more

Jacqui James is New Extension Coordinator in Choctaw County

​ Alabama Extension’s Choctaw County  office has a new County Extension Coordinator.  Jacqui James will begin work on October... more

​Dale County Recognized for Outstanding Service in 4-H Programming

OZARK, Ala.—A t a recent Dale County Commission meeting, Alabama Extension professionals from Dale County were recognized... more

Shelby County Honored for Outstanding 4-H Program

​ Alabama Extension professionals in Shelby County were recognized August 10 at a Shelby County Commission meeting for their outstanding... more