Avian Influenza

The Facts - March 24, 2017

  • The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries has confirmed low pathogenic avian influenza in a Cullman County commercial breeder flock.
  • The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries confirmed that a commercial poultry breeding flock in Pickens County and a backyard flock in Madison County have both tested positive for low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI).
  • As part of routine screening, the commercial company collected samples from the Pickens County flock and submitted them to the state diagnostic laboratory in Auburn. These samples, suspected positive for avian influenza, were forwarded to a USDA National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Iowa. NVSL confirmed that the commercial flock is positive for LPAI. Control measures are under way as a precautionary measure.
  • Additionally, a Madison County backyard flock has been confirmed positive for low pathogenic H7N9 avian influenza (LPAI) by NVSL.
  • Surveillance zones have been put in place surrounding the locations in both Pickens and Madison counties. Both flocks were euthanized.
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What Backyard Flock Owners Can Do

  • Inforgraphic for Protecting Backyard Flocks Continue effective biosecurity measures.
  • Do not move birds from their current location.
  • Do not visit farms or other households with poultry.
  • If you travel to a place where other birds are present or even to the feed store, clean and disinfect tires, poultry cages and equipment before returning to your property. These can harbor germs.
  • Keep out unnecessary visitors. Other people and birds—including new birds recently purchased and wild birds—can carry diseases to backyard flocks.
  • If visitors have birds of their own, do not let them enter your bird area or have any access to your birds.
  • Be sure that feeders are in a covered location where wild birds cannot gain access. This will help reduce the potential for disease carried in the droppings of wild birds.

Alabama Poultry Industry

  • Alabama is the nation's second largest producer of broilers (chickens bred and raised for meat production).
  • Poultry and egg production generate more than $15 billion a year in Alabama.
  • More than 85,000 jobs in the state relate to the poultry and egg business.
  • Top broiler producing counties:
    1. Cullman
    2. Dekalb
    3. Marshall