Aquaculture - Rainbow Trout
Trout Production: Handling Eggs and Fry SRAC 220

Budgets for Trout Production: Estimated Costs and Returns for Trout Farming in the South

SRAC 221
Trout Farming: A Guide to Production and Inventory Management SRAC 222
Trout Production: Feeds and Feeding Methods SRAC 223
Rainbow Trout SRAC 224
Aquaculture in North Carolina Rainbow Trout North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs
Cultured Aquatic Species: Rainbow Trout United Nations Food and Aqriculture Organization
Trout: Manual For Rainbow Trout Produciton on the Family-Owned Farm George Klontz
Idaho Waste Management Guidlelines for Aquaculture Operations Idaho Division of Environmental Quality
Trout Culture in the North Central Region NCRAC No. 108
Trout Spawning Hatchery Style Missouri Department of Conservation
Department of Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
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