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Maintaining Quality of Stored Grain

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New July 2017: Grain Mass Rescue

IPM Recommendations for Stored Grain
New September 2012!  YouTube videos on Managing Stored Grain IPM Tactics for On-Farm Stored Grain

Keep Watchful Eye on Stored Grain
(blog post and podcasts, July 2010)

Grain Bin Hazards and Safety Considerations

Stored Grain Needs Regular Monitoring
(blog post and podcast, February 2010)

Fumigating Agricultural Commodities with Phosphine

Alabama Farmer Doug Trantham Discusses Importance of Pretreating Grain Bins (audio podcast, 2 minutes, 50 seconds)

Grain Storage Aeration Guidelines for the Southeast
Scout Your Stored Grain for Insects, Kathy Flanders, Extension Entomologist (audio podcast, 8 minutes, 17 seconds) Grain Dust Explosions
Advice from Brian Glenn, Alabama Farmer (audio podcast, 6 minutes, 5 seconds)  
Protect Your Grain From Insect Damage, Kathy Flanders, Extension Entomologist (audio podcast, 5 minutes, 50 seconds)  
Information on Grain Storage and Fumigating Grain from Jim Sharpe, DEGESCHAmerica (audio podcast, 4 minutes, 13 seconds) Where Can You Borrow a Phosphine Gas Detector?
Managing Stored Grains in the Southeast (video, 26 min, 42 sec) Managing Aflatoxin in Corn
Fumigating On-Farm Grain Bins with Aluminum Phosphide (Youtube video, 39 minutes, 30 sec) Managing Indian Meal Moths

Thoughts on Building On-Farm Grain Bins

News Articles

Grain Bin Fumigation, A Necessary But Risky Undertaking Extension Daily, June 10, 2008

Clean Grain Bins Critical to Successful Storage, Extension Newsline,  June 11, 2009

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