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Alabama Beginning Farms

Alabama Beginning Farmer Project Logo

The Alabama Beginning Farmers Project is funded by a grant from the USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program (Award 2015-04598). The overall project implementation plan involves collaboration with a wide range of institutions, producer organizations, and nonprofit agencies for supporting beginning farmers statewide.

Project objectives:

  • Provide science-based information and consultation to beginning farmers.
  • Support and collaborate with third-party educational programs.
  • Develop new educational resources (e-curriculum, phone app, printed materials).
  • Sustain a statewide network of producers to strengthen the local food movement that is inclusive of low resource farmers and military veterans.

So you are interested in farming...but where to start?

Watch this basic video about beginning farmer educational resources & on-farm assistance services...

...And watch this video to see how growers have been benefited from the project!!

Here's how to navigate this website! For a national database of beginning farmer resources, use the New Farmers Discovery Tool linked in the navigation column on left. For on-farm assistance, find the Farm Services tab on the left in order to connect to a Regional Extension Agent, Technical Assistance Provider, and personnel from collaborating agencies. Please click on the FSA and NRCS links in the navigation column for direct link to their microloan and financial assistance programs.For basic information about the USDA grant funding this effort, please visit the Project Details and Evaluation webpage. You can also find our Impact videos on that webpage!

The Farming 101 electonic curriculum with interactive content on crop production, irrigation, integrated pest management, marketing and financial planning, and food safety is under development. Preregister using your email on the left of this webpage. Also subscribe to the Alabama IPM Communicator newsletter for receiving pest alerts and listing of educational events near you.

iBook Promo Card - Contact an REA for print copy!
High Tunnel Crop Production Handbook - ANR-2157
(iBook for iOS devices & Printed Versions - Contact an REA for a print copy)

For general BFRD project queries, please contact Dr. Ayanava Majumdar (Dr. A) at 251-331-8416 or email bugdoctor@auburn.edu.