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Youth Related Information

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B.e.e. Program

Begin Education Early


The information found here describes elements of the process we have developed to hire and train paraprofessionals working with the B.e.e. Program. Outlines of past and upcoming training agendas are provided, accompanied by many of the visuals and handouts used in the training. In addition, you will find the tools and products we are developing to facilitate the complex interactions between program staff and community families. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


Past B.e.e. Trainings

November 2002:

May 2002:

Children, Youth, and Families At Risk (CYFAR) Conference
Overcoming the Risks on the Road to School Readiness -- Conference

November 2001:

Parents As Partners: The Governor's Conference on Educating Children

May 2001:

Using Videos in Parent Education quiz
Using Videos in Parent Education handout
List of videos used in counties
Using the Web/Internet questionnaire
Websites list
CYFAR resources:
Brainy Babies daily activities checklist
Woven mat activity
Magic mirror activity
Book activity
Positive discipline activity (1)
Positive discipline activity (2)

February 2001:

Progress Report Form (for site visits/performance evaluation)
Child Development/Interacting with Children quiz
Talking with Parents About the Child's Activity handout
Origami activity handout
Origami activity instructions
Origami activity diagram
Adult Learning handout

November 2000:

National Association for the Education of Young Children -- Annual Conference

October 2000:

Parents As Partners: The Governor's Conference on Educating Children

June 2000:

Ethical Guidelines for Family and Parent Educators (NCFR) handout
Additional Ethical Guidelines for Family and Parent Educators handout
Levels of Family Involvement Model handout
Involvement self-assessment
Educator vignettes

November 1999:

Types of Parenting Groups handout
Adult Learners handout
Beginnings handout
Icebreakers handout
Structured Exercises handout
Discipline exercise

September 1999:

Parents As Partners: The Governor's Conference on Educating Children

February 1998:

Things to Remember - Tips for Early Childhood Educators
Recognizing Program Success (PowerPoint presentation)

January 1998:


September 1997:

Implementing the Bee Program


Future B.e.e. Trainings


Tools & Products

Self-Study Guides for Prinicples of Parenting:

The Challenge of Being a Parent
Taking Care of the Parent: Replacing Stress with Peace
Building Family Strengths
Helping Your Children Succeed at Learning
Strengthening Your Marriage
Now That We're Divorced, How Can We Parent Together?
Enjoying Each Child as an Individual
Being Understanding: A Key to Developing Healthy Children
Sending Messages of Love
Building a Positive Relationship with Your Child
Meeting Children's Needs
Communication: Building a Strong Bridge Between You and Your Child
Something Better Than Punishment

Home Visitor Evaluation Guidelines (parent educator)
Home Visitor Evaluation Guidelines (child educator)
Progress Report (evaluation form for site visits)



March 1998

Home Visiting Parenting Education: Training Paraprofessional Staff