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B.e.e. Program

Begin Education Early

Program Evaluation

In the beginning of a new program, data is initially collected to describe program operations, management, and structure. Records are kept of B.e.e. families' attendance, the frequency of rescheduled and/or missed appointments, and mileage and phone time required to keep families involved.

In addition, descriptive information about the impact of the content of the program for parents and children aids in identifying problems, successes, and pathways to improvement of services. Both agent assistants/educators keep narrative records of their interactions with the parents and children and their evaluations of participant interest, participation, and progress. Finally, the individualized nature of the parenting education curriculum requires that a specific session plan is devised with concrete goals that are agreed upon by both the parent and the agent assistant. The documentation required for such planning provides an additional structure for evaluating the success of the educational services for each individual family.

The evaluation of the impact of the B.e.e. program on the stated objectives for families is done at present through pre-test and post-test interviews with B.e.e. parents. The questions are asked by the parent educator and are made to be a part of the first and last program sessions. These interviews and the individual parent and child session evaluation forms can be examined in more detail on the Forms and Reporting page. For more information about program impact, go to the Evaluation page.