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Youth-Related Information

Extension also offers other youth-related opportunities beyond 4-H, some of which are targeted to adults and that deal with improving parent-teen relationships and enhancing parenting skills.

Fisheries Resources for K-12 Educators

Communicating With Your Teen: Trust

teen skateboarding Parenting involves allowing our children to have more responsibilities and freedoms as they grow older. Generally speaking, the goal is to let go, and letting go requires trust. Trust means, "I can count on you to be honest, to follow through on your promises, and to treat me with respect."

As teens get older they spend less time with parents and more time with friends, at work, and in other activities away from home. Since teens are spending more time in places where parents are not watching, we have to trust them to make a lot of decisions. As parents, we often worry that our teens will make poor decisions when faced with choices or situations they might not be ready to handle.

Fear is a reason that parents may not trust their sons or daughters to make some decisions. Parents may fear their teens will be unsafe while driving the car, or will try drugs, or become sexually active. Trust is a balance between the fear of what might happen with the knowledge of past decision making and responsibility taking. If a teen has always driven the car safely in the past, a parent may be willing to trust the teen to drive the car a longer distance.

Fear also can make it difficult for teens to trust their parents. Teens might fear that their parents will take away their freedom, try to control their lives, or embarrass them in front of their friends. Trust is not a one-way street. It is not only the trust you have in your teen, but also your teen's trust in you, that allows the two of you to have a positive relationship with each other. Trust between parents and teens makes it easier for teens to talk with their parents when something goes wrong. The teens must set aside the fear that the parents will be angry and they need to feel confident that regardless of what has happened, things can be worked out.   more...

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