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Alabama 4-H

Forestry Awareness Week Now

Forestry Awareness Week Now (F.A.W.N.)

Over the past three years, nearly 7,500 sixth graders in north Alabama have spent a day in the woods learning about natural resource and environmental issues. What they learned was taught to them not only by resource professionals from forest industry and state and federal agencies, but from forest landowners as well. No environmental lies and misconceptions here- just the facts and truth about Alabama's tremendous forest resource and its importance to their lives.

FAWN takes place in a forest environment, usually one with a half-mile or so round robin hiking trail. Seven or eight learning stations are set up at intervals along this trail and manned by resource professionals. Learning stations usually include forest management, forest products, forest history, soils, wildlife, tree and plant identification, water quality and Project Learning Tree (PLT).

For more information, please contact Emily Nichols, Extension Specialist

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