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Alabama 4-H

Just Move! Alabama

Just Move! Alabama

Just Move! Alabama is designed to help youth increase physical activity, make healthier nutritional choices, and be accepting of all body types. Because it matches state-mandated Wellness Policies for nutritional education and physical activity, it has been incorporated by numerous schools and school districts.

It was created in response to the facts that this generation of Alabamians may be the first to outlive their children, ranks sixth in overweight students and number one in overweight or obese adult, and only four out of five Alabama students get moderate physical activity.

Just Move Club Kits:

  • Jumping for Health: Rope-jumping for agility and cardio-vascular fitness
  • Frisbee, Fun, and Food: Using Frisbees along with nutritional education.
  • Volley, Vitals, and Vittles: Inflatable beach balls and healthy eating habits
  • Just Move Fitness Displays
For more information, please contact Dr. Molly Gregg, Extension Specialist

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