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Chapter 12 - Foresters


34-12-11. Definitions. For purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the respective meanings ascribed by this section:
(1) BOARD. The state board of registration for foresters.
(2) PRACTICE OF FORESTRY. Any professional service such as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning or responsible supervision as interpreted by the board of any forestry activities in connection with any public or private lands wherein the public welfare and property are concerned or involved when the professional service requires the application of forestry principles and data. The term also means the application, teaching, investigation, or administration of forestry theories, principles, practices, or programs directly or indirectly related to the environmental and economic use and the biological and ecological understanding of gross areas of land in public or private ownership or direction, or both, and supervision over persons engaged in the formation or implementation, or both, of forestry policies.
(3) REGISTERED FORESTER. A person who, by reason of his or her knowledge of the natural sciences, mathematics, economics, and the principles of forestry and by his or her demonstrated skills acquired through professional forestry education and professional forestry experience as interpreted by the board is qualified to engage in the practice of forestry and who also has been duly registered and holds a current valid license issued by the board.
34-12-2. Registration required; exceptions.
(a) In order to benefit and protect the public, no person in either public or private capacity shall practice or offer to practice forestry, unless he or she has submitted evidence that he or she is qualified so to practice and shall be registered by the board as hereinafter provided or unless he or she is specifically exempted from registration under this chapter. It shall be unlawful for any person to practice or offer to practice in this state forestry, as defined by this chapter, or to use in connection with his or her name or otherwise assume, use, or advertise any title or description tending to convey the impression that he or she is a registered forester, unless duly registered or exempt from registration under this chapter.
(b) This chapter shall not be construed to prevent or to affect:
(1) The practice of any other legally recognized profession
(2) The application of forestry principles and procedures on any timberlands, woodlands, or forest in which any person, firm, partnership, or corporation owns an interest; or persons, firms, partnerships, and corporations having the right to manage and administer forestlands in any legal manner.
(3) The work of an employee or a subordinate of any registered forester holding a license under this chapter; provided, that such work is done under the direction, supervision, and responsibility of a person holding a license under this chapter.
(4) The practice of forestry by officers and employees of the United States government on federally owned lands.
(5) The practice of forestry by officers and employees of the state of Alabama on state-owned lands.
(6) Employees of the federal government and educational institutions of the state of Alabama who, in the exercise of their assigned duties, conduct forestry education programs or provide free forestry advice and assistance to timberland owners, or both.
34-12-3. Roster of Registered Foresters.
A roster showing the names and places of business of all registered foresters qualified according to the provisions of this chapter shall be prepared by the secretary of the board during the month of January biennially in even-numbered calendar years. Copies of this roster shall be mailed to each person so registered, placed on file with the secretary of state and furnished to the public upon request.
34-12-4. Qualification of applicants for registration.
(a) The following shall be considered as minimum evidence satisfactory to the board that the applicant is qualified to practice forestry and to be registered and licensed pursuant to this chapter. Each applicant shall:
(1) Hold a bachelor's or higher degree from a school approved by the board or accredited by the Society of American Foresters in a forestry curriculum accepted by the board.
(2) Have passed a written or oral examination, or both, designed to show the knowledge and skill obtained through graduation from the school or college.
(3) Have a specific record of two years or more of experience in the practice of forestry of a nature satisfactory to the board and indicating that the applicant is competent to practice forestry.
(4) Be a person of good character and reputation.
(b) The board shall issue licenses only to those applicants who meet the requirements of this section.