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Forestry & Wildlife Sciences Extension

Our objective is to provide Alabamians with the information needed to make natural resource related decisions; from building bluebird boxes, to finding a professional logger, to water quality indicators. You can download or order a publication from this site, check the continuing education calendar, or locate Natural Resource Agents in your region. We encourage you to browse, send us questions, or visit other sites linked through our site. Comments are appreciated.

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Silvopasture Works!

​April 24-25, 2015 at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center As part of a land management strategy, agroforestry practices can generate periodic revenue beyond that of... more

Geospatial Data Gateway

​A valuable resource for downloadable map data is the Geospatial Data Gateway made available by the Natural Resource Conservation Service of the United States Department... more

Alabama GIS

An excellent resource for parcel map data is the Alabama GIS web site provided by Flagship GIS, Inc.  The county-based datasets are available for several... more

Corn Maze Development

The Geospatial Extension Program has assisted in the​ development of several corn mazes since 2009.  Mazes have been created in Baldwin, Lee and Macon counties. ... more


​What is Map@Syst? Map@Syst is a community of practice devoted to the outreach and education for geospatial technologies and their application to today's world.  The Map@Syst ... more

2015 AFOA Annual Meeting

​The 2015 Alabama Forest Owners' Association Educational Program & Annual Meeting is scheduled for April 17th - 18th at the Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center... more

Downloading GPS Data Using DNRGPS

​What is DNRGPS? DNRGPS is an updated version of DNRGarmin and is designed to be used with ArcGIS 10.x.  DNRGPS is a data transfer utiility... more

ArcGIS Online

​In addition to ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server, Auburn University maintains a site-license for ArcGIS Online. What is ArcGIS Online? ArcGIS Online provides ready-to-use content, ... more


​What is geocaching? Geocaching is a treasure hunting game in which players utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS).  The treasures, or geocaches, are referenced by GPS... more

Virtual Alabama

​What is Virtual Alabama? Virtual Alabama is a mapping application developed by the Alabama Department of Homeland Security (ADHS).  It is a common operating platform built... more

Alabama Natural Resources Council (ANRC)

Alabama Natural Resources Council The Alabama Natural Resources Council is a state wide organization that works to develop programs that increase the values of the state's forest resources. These programs are managed by three Council appointed committees: the County Outreach Committee, the Treasure Forest Committee, and the Forest Resources Committee.