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Forestry & Wildlife Sciences Extension

Our objective is to provide Alabamians with the information needed to make natural resource related decisions; from building bluebird boxes, to finding a professional logger, to water quality indicators. You can download or order a publication from this site, check the continuing education calendar, or locate Natural Resource Agents in your region. We encourage you to browse, send us questions, or visit other sites linked through our site. Comments are appreciated.

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Forestry Flash Back – Groundhog Day edition February 2, 2016

​Today is Groundhog Day - the day when we wait for a Groundhog to come out of its burrow to check for a shadow. ... more

Today is the birthday of the conservationist, Aldo Leopold

​Today we celebrate the birthday of Aldo Leopold  - Author of "A Sand County Almanac", "Game Management", and other noteable natural resouce books and publications. ... more

Friday Forestry Flashback – January 8, 2016

​The lost log. In the late 1800s and early 1900s timber harvested from southern forests was often transported to mills by floating logs down streams... more

WEBINAR! New Timber Tax Law Passed by Congress in December

Will the new Timber Tax Law impact you?   On January 22, 2016 be sure to tune in to this this free lunch-time webinar to... more

Alabama Natural Resources Council Outreach Symposium & Awards Banquet

Landowners join us for the Alabama Natural Resources Council's Symposium & Awards Banquet Friday, February 5, 2016 at the New Alabama Wildlife Federation NaturePlex, Millbrook,... more

What to do during a warm and wet tree planting season?

​Forest trees are typically planted between the months of December and February. During this optimum time, dormant bare-root seedlings are lifted from the nursery and... more

Forest-inspired New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

​As I was making my 2016 “to do” list (…recovering that chair that has been sitting in my shed for 5 years, replacing those annoying... more

The upshot: Friday Forestry Flashback - Nov 27, 2015

​Kaulton was a mill town that was established in 1912 by the Kaul Lumber Company.  Located just south of Tuscaloosa, Kaulton was a model mill town of... more

Friday Forestry Flashback - Nov 27, 2015

​Take a look at this image taken of a portion of a 1926 topographic map.  I like this map for a couple of reasons.  First... more

Beaver Series Part 4: Trapping with Conibear/Body Gripping Traps

​​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLtK2ECZCQ0  Body grip traps are lethal traps that kill the beaver within a few seconds of entering the trap. Although opinions vary among trappers regarding the best trap... more

Alabama Natural Resources Council (ANRC)

Alabama Natural Resources Council The Alabama Natural Resources Council is a state wide organization that works to develop programs that increase the values of the state's forest resources. These programs are managed by three Council appointed committees: the County Outreach Committee, the Treasure Forest Committee, and the Forest Resources Committee.