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Forestry & Wildlife Sciences Extension

Our objective is to provide Alabamians with the information needed to make natural resource related decisions; from building bluebird boxes, to finding a professional logger, to water quality indicators. You can download or order a publication from this site, check the continuing education calendar, or locate Natural Resource Agents in your region. We encourage you to browse, send us questions, or visit other sites linked through our site. Comments are appreciated.

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Plinking on the Roof

​It began again this past weekend.  Like clockwork, in the middle of the night, before the rays of sunlight early Saturday morning, I heard a... more

Cool-Season Wildlife Plots

If you would like to improve the overall health of your wildlife, along with your chances to see and... more

Getting A Grip On Wild Pigs

​There are two groups of landowners in Alabama….those who have wild pigs, and those who are about to have wild pigs.  If you're in the... more

Tropical Soda Apple (Solanum viarum) Identification and Control

Tropical soda apple (TSA) was nearly eradicated across the state during a recent federally funded eradication program.  However, with termination of program funding, reports of... more

OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool App

The OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool is a useful resource for planning outdoor work activities based on how hot it feels throughout the day. Featuring real-time... more

AWW Celebrates 25 Years of Loving Our Downstream Neighbors!

On May 19-20th, volunteers and supporters of Alabama Water Watch gathered at the Living River Retreat on the Cahaba near Montevallo to recognize this milestone... more

King Snakes, and Other Native Alabama Snakes Around the Home

Over the last week, I have received a couple of calls about using our native king snakes as a control method for venomous snakes, such... more


​With springtime's warm weather, you're not the only thing wanting to dig in your yard, flower beds and vegetable gardens. The eastern mole becomes active... more

Managing Pine Bark Beetles in the Urban Forest

​"Pine bark beetle" is a broad term used to describe several species of native Dendroctonus beetles that cause mortality in pine trees. Pine Bark Beetles... more

Red-tailed Hawk Eating Prey

 ​Watching wildlife is a favorite past time of many Alabamians and I am certainly no exception. Each year, these folks spend millions of dollars traveling to... more

Alabama Natural Resources Council (ANRC)

Alabama Natural Resources Council The Alabama Natural Resources Council is a state wide organization that works to develop programs that increase the values of the state's forest resources. These programs are managed by three Council appointed committees: the County Outreach Committee, the Treasure Forest Committee, and the Forest Resources Committee.