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Extension works with homeowners and gardeners to identity the safest, most cost-effective most environmentally ways to deal with home and gardening pests, animal control issues and plant diseases.

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Alabama Vegetable Insect Pest Scouting Report - June 29, 2015

​Caterpillar alert: A detailed blog with statewide insect activity … report and maps is... more

Insect Pheromone trap catches across Alabama (peanut/vegetable crops) – June 29, 2015

​(Numbers are color coded to show relative activity of moths … using total trap... more

Insect Pheromone trap catches across Alabama (peanut/vegetable crops) – June 14, 2015

coded to show relative activity of moths using total trap catches for various … ... more

​Urban Nuisance – Smelly Kudzu Bugs Making Spring Appearance

Spring is the time that the overwintered stinky kudzu bug adults make appearance in residential areas. There are several different... more

Urban Nuisance-Smelly Kudzu Bugs Making Spring Appearance

Home and Garden: Home PestsHome and Garden: Home Environments … https://sites.aces.edu/group/timelyinfo/Lists/Posts/ViewPost.aspx?ID=765... more

Vegetable Insect Pest Management Q&A

These are some common questions that were asked at vegetable IPM meetings completed recently. For details always consult Extension publications... more

Unwanted home invaders: Scorpions

​Scorpions are not strangers to residents in Alabama. The 8-legged arachnids naturally find their way into homes and thus learning... more

What's up with lichens on trees and shrubs?

When gardeners see lichen growing on the trunks and branches of trees and shrubs they usually get worried. After all,... more

Boxwood Blight Updates

Boxwood blight was recently detected in a retail garden center in Alabama. There is also a possibility that infected boxwood... more

2015 AFVGA Conference Highlights for Beginning and Experienced Farmers

​Online registrations end Feb 2. Walk-ins welcome on Feb 6 and 7 starting at 7:30 am! ... more

Garden Bugs

Vegetable Garden

The best way to manage insect pests in the home vegetable garden is to use a combination of strategies, including cultural, mechanical, and biological controls. Organic gardeners rely totally on nonchemical methods. Most home gardeners can tolerate some insect damage on their vegetables; consequently, they are able to use many nonchemical control strategies that can reduce, but not always eliminate, insect damage. Home gardeners not opposed to using chemicals may use chemical controls when nonchemical methods do not provide sufficient levels of control.

Modern pest management relies on “planning before planting” rather than responding to a pest problem after it has occurred. For example, you can prevent many insect pest problems by using what you know about the pest to make the vegetable planting less suitable for pest development. This could mean planting early to avoid high pest numbers that occur late in the season.

Correct identification of insect pests infesting the vegetable garden is critical so you can develop a management plan. Equally important is recognition of beneficial insects. Your county Extension agent can help you identify pests and develop management strategies for specific pest and crop situations. more...