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Types of Bullying

There are two major categories of bullying behaviors: Direct and Indirect.

Direct Bullying is face-to-face bullying.

Physical Bullying
Physical (shoves, pushes, hitting, kicking, and assault)

Verbal Bullying
Verbal (name calling, put-downs, insults, harassment)

Psychological Bullying
Psychological (“dirty looks,” threats, and coercion)

Indirect Bullying is done behind someone’s back.

Indirect bullying is sometimes described as relational aggression. Although boys also engage in relational aggression, most research conducted in the United States has shown that relational aggression is more common among girls. Relational aggression is designed to harm social relationships. Since relational aggression is more covert than physical aggression, it often goes undetected by teachers, parents, and other adults.

Bullying by Gossip
Social aggression includes damaging a person’s relationships with others by spreading untrue rumors about a person; telling others not to be friends with someone; purposefully excluding certain people from groups and activities.

Bullying by Electronic Media
Cyberbullying includes using social media, websites, and cell phones to demean, gossip, or purposefully hurt others.