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Job Search! Marketable Skills

Job Search

This publication is the first in our Job Search series designed to help you prepare for a job search. Taking a good look at your skills, values, and interests is an important first step in any job search. Consider all three factors when you make a decision about your future. This publication focuses on marketable skills and takes you through the skill identification process. Other publications in this series discuss how values and interests relate to careers.

Skills are abilities that make it possible to perform tasks. Marketable skills are abilities that are in great demand in the labor market. Regardless of your level of work experience and even if you are looking for a first job, you have valuable skills. There is, however, a difference between a skill and a marketable skill. For example, a machinist who has just been laid off after 15 years of working on a lathe possesses skills. However, because he or she worked on a lathe that is rarely used today, the machinist will need to get training on modern equipment to acquire the marketable skills necessary to use today's technology and get another job. Marketable skills may change over time depending on employers needs. Employers are more likely to hire job applicants with marketable skills, especially when there is a shortage of qualified workers. Unfortunately, many people are not sure about the skills they possess and miss opportunities to showcase their abilities during job interviews. Others may choose jobs that do not match their abilities.   more...

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