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Earth's climate has been changing more rapidly than ever and the silent variation in seasons is more prominent to us since the past three decades. The Earth is getting warmer, icecaps on poles are melting, sea level is rising, and the reasons of all of these incidences are extremely debatable. Some studies indicate that our everyday use of fossil fuel is in part adding carbon di-oxide (an important heat-trapping gas) in the atmosphere which might be a cause related to the changes of different climate variables. The change in climate variables brings seasonal or inter-annual climate variability which has certain impacts on human and animal lives, agriculture and global economy. The impacts of climate variability and climate change on our everyday life is further complicated than we can actually realize and need many research studies to be conducted to understand those. All over the world, scientists are trying to gather more information of an upcoming climate change and how to anticipate any changes in weather variables well before it shatters our lives. In this section of our website we are trying to provide you some basic information to comprehend those complicated climate changing phenomena.

Figure 1

Twenty-first Century's Climate Key Questions

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