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Precision Agriculture

Variable-Rate Technology

Variable-rate technology (VRT) describes any technology which enables producers to vary the rate of crop inputs.  VRT combines a variable-rate (VR) control system with application equipment to apply inputs at a precise time and/or location to achieve site-specific application rates of inputs.  A complement of components, such as a DGPS receiver, computer, VR software, and controller are integrated to make VRT work.  A site-specific approach allows growers to apply products only where they are needed in a field.  Varying the application of inputs can reduce input and labor costs, maximize productivity, and reduces the impact over-application may have on the environment.  Examples of VR applications for agriculture include fertilizer, lime, seeding and pesticides.



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Funded NRCS-CIG Irrigation Projects in Alabama

The National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), through the Conservation and Innovation grants (CIG) program, is currently funding two projects related to irrigation in the Southeast. One is in Alabama and the other is in Georgia... more

Federal Funds Available to New Irrigation Systems in Alabama

Through a federal appropriation secured by Congressman Robert Aderholt, $8 million is available to eligible farmers in certain watersheds to install new irrigation systems on land that is not currently irrigated. Under current federal programs, farmers... more


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