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Precision Agriculture

Variable-Rate Technology

Variable-rate technology (VRT) describes any technology which enables producers to vary the rate of crop inputs.  VRT combines a variable-rate (VR) control system with application equipment to apply inputs at a precise time and/or location to achieve site-specific application rates of inputs.  A complement of components, such as a DGPS receiver, computer, VR software, and controller are integrated to make VRT work.  A site-specific approach allows growers to apply products only where they are needed in a field.  Varying the application of inputs can reduce input and labor costs, maximize productivity, and reduces the impact over-application may have on the environment.  Examples of VR applications for agriculture include fertilizer, lime, seeding and pesticides.



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OPEN POSITION: Master of Science Degree at Auburn University in Machinery Automation / Precision Ag (Fall 2013)

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