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Weeds: They are important to everyone! Here is why

No matter where I go, whenever a conversation strikes up between someone and myself and they ask what my occupation... more

Southeastern U.S. 2018 Vegetable Crop Handbook

... more

Precision Ag and IPM: Effectiveness of Automated Traps for Pest Monitoring

This article is based on research observations with a new product; mention of names should not be considered as product... more

Alabama Crops Webinars are on YouTube!

The Alabama Crops webinars are now posted on YouTube … Go to Alabamacrops Webinar... more

2017 Agronomic Crops Webinar Series Provides Timely Information for Alabama Farmers

The Agronomic Crops Team from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is pleased to announce a series of monthly webinars for... more


NRCS Funds to Demonstrate and Promote Best Irrigation Practices in Alabama
Auburn has received a grant from the Conservation and Innovation Program of the Natural Resources and Conservation Service. The project focuses on increasing the adoption of climate- and water-smart irrigation practices among Tennessee Valley farmers in Alabama and Tennessee.

New Precision Agriculture Lessons
Welcome to Precision Agriculture. These NEW eight lessons (on YouTube) are funded by the Alabama Soybean Producers and the Alabama Wheat and Feed Grain Producers and cover various Precision Agriculture topics from GPS to yield mapping.

AGCO to Acquire Precision Planting from The Climate Corporation
This article discusses AGCO’s recent acquisition of the Precision Planting LLC equipment business from The Climate Corporation.

Adoption of Precision Agriculture Technology in the Southeastern United States
Over the last 10 years, the percentage of Southeastern farmers who have adopted precision agriculture technologies has increased by more than 200 percent. This article examines the adoption levels of various technologies in this region along with some recent trends.

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