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Planter Maintenance 101: An Important Step for High Yielding Crops

Success of the growing season starts on the front end with planting.  Seed costs continue to increase so peak performance... more

IPM Newsletter Issue 4

​‘Welcome to another issue of the Alabama IPM Communicator Newsletter – a special publication on pest management and sustainable agriculture.... more

Southwest Water Deficits Could Be Southeast’s Gain

​Dr. Richard McNider has spent years studying how the U.S. Southwest … and parts... more

Analytical Horsepower Primed to Transform Farming

​Alabama Gulf Coast farm manager Ray Bertolla still recalls old … family accounts of... more

Precision Farming Workshops Scheduled in Feb. in Alabama and Georgia

​How modern row-crop agriculture is quickly evolving from a … precision-based to a decision-based... more

Grain harvest with yield monitor Upcoming Events

12th International Conference on Precision Ag
July 20-23, 2014;Sacramento, CA

InfoAg Conference
July 29-31, 2014; St. Louis, MO

Big Data: Managing Your Most Elusive Farm Asset
August 25, 2014; Ames, IA


NEWSLINE: Analytical Horsepower Primed to Transform Farming
This article discusses how Big Data in agriculture will be a key component to the future of farming. Jim Langcuster from ACES does a good framing up this idea and that data will be the new horsepower.

Southeast Farm Press: Auto-guidance Systems seen as Key to Improving Peanut Yields, Returns
Alabama Precision Ag Team member Dr. Brenda Ortiz highlights the benefits of using RTK autoguidance in peanut production. The economic benefits can be substantial for using RTK in peanuts.

Seven Big Data Lessons for Farming by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Read about Jim Langcuster's thoughts and ideas of how Big Data will transform farming. He outlines seven major lessons farmers should know about the Big Data revolution in agriculture and points out important attributes for success.

Data Management Key to Successful Farming from AgWired
Overview on how data management will play a key role in farming. Article includes comments by Alabama Precision Ag team member Dr. John Fulton on hurdles and success for data in farming.

Farm Industry News Blog: Looking at Big Data One Plant at a Time
Mr. Willie Vogt of Farm Industry News provides comment on ag technology and the challenges the industry faces related to data being captured, transferred and interpreted. He outlines the idea of individual plant level management and data information presented by Alabama Precision Ag team member John Fulton at the John Deere Product Intro.

Article: Data Management Biggest Challenge in Precision Farming
Comments by members of the Alabama Precision Ag team on the challenges of data management within agriculture. Precision Ag is about the adoption of technology which leads to a change in mindset or improvements of production. Read full article here.

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