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Don't Spray Those Sugarcane Aphids Too Soon!

​Last week it was not hard to find sugarcane aphid in sorghum fields in central and south Alabama. About half the fields that were... more

Watch for fall armyworms in summer grass forages

This is a reminder for Alabama forage producers:  don't forget to scout your summer grass forages for fall armyworms.  A few fall armyworms have already been found in pastures and hayfields in Lamar and... more

Sugarcane Aphids Well Established on Sorghum in Central and SE Alabama, Already Sprayed in SW Alabama

​Just a quick update on last week's post, Sugarcane Aphid Found in Marengo and Baldwin Counties.  Last week, they were also found at subeconomic levels in a crop field in Dale County... more

Sugarcane Aphid Found on Grain Sorghum in Marengo and Baldwin Counties the Week of June 8, 2015

​Sugarcane aphids were found in a field of whorl-stage grain sorghum in Marengo County on June 11.  Fortunately they were still at sub-economic levels, about... more

Sugarcane aphids were found recently on Johnsongrass in Alabama

​Updated May 11, 2015: Sugarcane aphids have been found this spring on Johnsongrass in Alabama.  The week of May 4-8 Rudy Yates reports finding the... more

If You Want to Grow Sorghum in 2015, Look for Sugarcane Aphid on Johnsongrass in Alabama Now!

Sugarcane aphid was first seen as a pest of sorghum in Alabama in 2014. It cost sorghum producers a lot of money due to cost... more

Don Ball Awarded 2015 Grasslander Award

Forage and Grassland Council awarded Dr. Don Ball, alumni professor in the … Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental... more

Standby Generators for Emergency Power

​ Standby generators are powered by tractors or engines and may be either portable or stationary. Engine-driven units available may have an automatic or manual... more

USDA Offers Disaster Assistance and Information on Disaster Programs

​ USDA issued a press release September 2 encouraging livestock producers who suffered eligible disaster-related losses to enroll in the Livestock Forage Disaster Program (LFP)... more

Registration Open for 2014 Regional Beef Cattle Conference Set for June

Registration is now open for the 2014 Regional Beef Cattle Conference. Sponsored by the Auburn University Department of Animal Sciences and Alabama Cooperative Extension... more