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Row Crops

2014 Alabama Corn & Wheat Short Course Videos


Welcome & Introductions

Grain Marketing Strategies

Dr. Paul Mask
Mark Gold, Top Third

Managing for Corn - Key Strategies

Dr. Ron Heiniger,
North Carolina State University

Adjusting Nutrient Management to
Modern Corn Hybrids

Dr. Tony Vyn, Purdue University

New Strategies to Manage Wheat

Dr. Wade Thomason, Virginia Tech

Corn Planting Density and Planting Date - Results from Alabama Studies

Dr. Brenda Ortiz, Auburn University/
Alabama Extension

Irrigation Scheduling - Key Aspects

Dr. Suat Irmark, University of Nebraska

Current Irrigation Issues and
Options for Improvements in
Georgia and Alabama

Dr. Wesley Porter, University of Georgia/Alabama Extension

Steps Toward Adoption of Irrigation Technology in Alabama - Alabama Farmers’ Perspective

Annie Dee

Steps Toward Adoption of Irrigation Technology in Alabama - Alabama Farmers’ Perspective

Dennis Bragg

Key Aspects on Soil Health

David Lamm, NRCS -
North Carolina

Conservation Systems in the Southeast - Environmental and Economic Benefits

Dr. Leah Duzy, USDA/ARS


Importance of P & K and Micronutrients

Dr. Steve Phillips, IPNI

Importance of Nitrogen Placement
on Corn Production

Dr. Jac J. Varco, Mississippi State University

Nitrogen Management on Alabama Wheat

Dr. Kipling Balkcom, USDA/ARS

Fungicide Efficacy Against Rust and Corn Nematicide Effects

Dr. Austin Hagan, Auburn University

Climate Outlook and Forecast

David Zierden, Florida State University/COAPS

What Is in the Pipeline of Commercial Companies to Increase Production?

Presentations by Lindsay Corporation, ADS, Monsanto, & Pioneer.

Sugarcane Beetle on Corn and Sugarcane Aphid on Sorghum

Dr. Scott Stewart, University of Tennessee/Extension

Integrated Management of Barley Yellow Dwarf on Wheat Production

Dr. Kathy Flanders, Auburn University

Weed Management Program in
Wheat and Corn

Dr. Eric Prosko, University of Georgia