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ADAI Inspection Report for Mobile and Baldwin Counties

Inspection Report Week of September 4, 2017 The pictures above show damage done to the bark at the base of a 'Sunshine'... more

Multi-year Study of the High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System for Reducing Insect Pest Outbreaks

This report is an update regarding the high tunnel pest exclusion (HTPE) system … This research was started in... more

2017 Heat Unit Accumulation in Cotton

Many cotton fields in North Alabama have very few open bolls and are maturing later this year … Several... more

Moth Trap Catch Report and Insect Pest Update for Cotton and Soybean Producers (Sept 16, 2017)

During the period 9/6 – 9/12 moth trap catch numbers for cotton bollworm were lower in comparison to the previous week with the highest catch... more

Fruit Production and IPM Workshops in Clay and Montgomery Counties

On Tuesday, October 24th, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System will have a walking tour of fruit and vegetable production at Holmstead Farm in Clay County... more

Educational Events in Alabama and the Southeast (Updated Weekly)

Year-round ACES training programs open to the public Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http// Alabama Master Gardeners Program http// Monthly extension... more

Commercial Horticulture Webinar Recordings - 2017 Series

The Commercial Horticulture Extension Webinars aime at providing quick updates to producers and …... more

Mid-late Season Weed Problem in Peanut

Since mid-July, I have received several grower inquiries regarding mid-late season weed control in peanut … Most of them... more

Moth Trap Catch Report and Insect Pest Update

SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 During the period August 22-28 the cotton bollworm (CBW) trap catch numbers were steady to higher in comparison to the previous week... more

Weather impact on insects: Major shifts in pest activity and abundance in peanuts

This report is based on continuous insect monitoring information (May to August) using sticky wing pheromone traps … In... more