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EPA Approves Section 18 Exemption for Control of Sugarcane Aphid on Sweet Sorghum

On June 12, the EPA granted an exemption for the use of flupyradifurone (Sivanto Prime) insecticide for use on Alabama sweet sorghum for the... more

Cotton PGR Management in High Rainfall

The 2017 growing season is thus far a decidedly wet one … Rainfall throughout the state was a welcome... more

Safe, Smart Pesticide Use

Summer has arrived in full force with rising temperatures, which means pests may start causing problems in our gardens and landscapes... more

Educational event in Alabama and the Southeast

Long-term ACES educational programs open to a wide range of audience Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http// Alabama Master Gardeners... more

Herbicide Injury on Crop Caused by Excessive Rainfall

In the last several weeks since the start of May, we had too much rainfall (>15 inches in many areas) during crop planting... more

Incorrect transplanting can be an expensive mistake

Specimen ball-and-burlap trees are popular options for new landscapes and landscapes that are being renovated … Their large size... more

New educational resources for aquaponics

Over the past 10 years there has been a surge of interest on information on aquaponic production … Aquaponics... more

Early season peanut insect activity in Alabama (June 15, 2017)

Below is a brief discussion of the seasonal activity of thrips and some major caterpillar pests based on moth catches from sticky wing pheromone traps... more

Commercial Horticulture Webinar Recordings - 2017 Series

The Commercial Horticulture Extension Team organizes webinars for providing quick updates to …... more

Stored Grain Workshops Scheduled in July

A series of workshops in Alabama will provide farmers with practical advice for managing stored grain pests … The... more