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Weed Control in Ornamental Greenhouses

If you are between crops in your greenhouse or getting ready to move plants into your cold frames, now is a great time to clean... more

Controlling Algae in Greenhouse Lettuce Production

 Hydroponic systems like raft culture (Photo 1) and NFT systems (Photo 2) can get messy fast.  This is especially true when thin or old foam... more

High Tunnel and Fruit Production Meeting

Location: Winfield Experiment Station, 171 Experiment Loop, Winfield, AL 35594 … Time: Thursday, April 9  6pm-8pm ... more

Don't Pay for Nutrients that Are not Needed

 If you are going to fertilize a crop it is important … to perform a soil analysis in order... more

Small Fruit and Grape Workshop

​Small Fruit and Grape Workshop with Muscadine Pruning and Vineyard Trellis Installment Demonstration … Chilton Research and Extension Center... more

​Urban Nuisance – Smelly Kudzu Bugs Making Spring Appearance

Spring is the time that the overwintered stinky … kudzu bug adults make appearance in residential areas. There are... more

Insect Pest Scouting Publication for Crucifer Crops

increased production of fall crops in Alabama, there was an urgent need to … develop an insect pest scouting... more

Hedgehog Grain Aphid

found in our area.  While scouting for sugarcane aphids on Johnsongrass … last week, Extension specialists observed and collected... more

​ Time to Monitor Your Berry Orchard for an Efficient Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Management

blackberries are getting close to ripening in Alabama, it is very important to monitor for SWD activity in … ... more

Sugarcane aphids were found recently on Johnsongrass in Alabama

​Updated May 11, 2015: Sugarcane aphids have been found this spring on Johnsongrass in Alabama.  The week of May 4-8 Rudy Yates reports finding the... more