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Business Management

It's a changing world out there — one that is more competitive than ever, especially for farmers. Extension economists throughout the state are working to equip farmers and livestock producers with the most effective, up-to-date skills to build sustainable, profitable business operations.

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Spring Hazards

Springtime brings certain weather-related occurrences. Among them are wildfires, tornadoes, and floods.  … You... more

Not Your Grandfather’s Extension Program

 More people want to eat food grown locally. More people are seeing opportunities in starting small farms that produce vegetables... more

Southwest Water Deficits Could Be Southeast’s Gain

​Dr. Richard McNider has spent years studying how the U.S. Southwest … and parts... more

Food Entrepreneur Conference, Feb. 27-28 in Prattville

​As an aspiring food entrepreneur, you may offer the best food … products on... more

Two-Generation Farm Business Workshops Scheduled for February

​For many families working to transfer a farming operation … from one generation to... more

Analytical Horsepower Primed to Transform Farming

​Alabama Gulf Coast farm manager Ray Bertolla still recalls old … family accounts of... more

Precision Farming Workshops Scheduled in Feb. in Alabama and Georgia

​How modern row-crop agriculture is quickly evolving from a … precision-based to a decision-based... more

Alabama Extension Hires Specialist to Oversee Statewide Irrigation Adoption

​The challenge of raising irrigated farm acreage in Alabama to … a level that... more

Target Spot Management Options in Alabama Cotton for 2014

​Target spot, caused by the fungus Corynespora cassiicola, was first reported in cotton in Mississippi and not reported for nearly 40... more

Advice for New and Beginning Growers

​Many beginning or new commercial vegetable growers are faced with the dilemma of what to grow or how to start... more

Marketing Alternatives for Feeder Cattle

Feeder Cattle - USDA-ARS image number K5643-20 Are you a feeder cattle producer worrying if this year's gross revenues will be enough to cover production expenses? Would you like to find a way to make certain that your operation will cover these expenses and perhaps even lock in a profit? You may be able to achieve this goal using a combination of feeder cattle market alternatives.

Marketing is usually the most difficult management task that the feeder cattle producer has to perform. Proper marketing can make the difference between profit and loss in the feeder cattle business. As is true of production programs and management practices, many marketing alternatives are available to the feeder cattle producer. Most producers spend much of their time and effort improving production practices while spending very little time on the marketing of their product. However, time spent marketing feeder cattle in today's complex economic environment can pay larger dividends than time spent on improving or implementing many production practices.   more...