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Master Environmental Education

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The Master Environmental Education Program (MEE) was created in 1995 and is an outreach program of the Baldwin County Extension Office. We train volunteers to teach eight environmental lessons in schools and to community groups. The lessons address some of the most critical environmental issues facing Baldwin County.

Here are a list of the lessons:

  • Aquatic Nuisance Species
  • Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  • Energy
  • Groundwater Pollution
  • Invasive Plant Species
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution
  • Recycling
  • The Water Cycle

Learn more about each lesson.

For more information, contact the Baldwin County Extension Office at (251) 937-7176, or your local courthouse call center 928-3002 / 943-5061, ext. 2222.

Request a lesson.

Each lesson includes an outline, an activity, a glossary, background information and a correlation to the Alabama Course of Study for Science.

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