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Report from the Field - "Exploration of Solar Power for the Modern Poultry Farm" - Download It

solar panels There are not many things in this world we can say are truly free – the sun’s light energy is one of them.  With the increasing cost of power being driven further and faster by the increasing bird demands, it is time poultry growers seriously consider opportunities in solar power. The problem is a system that harnesses this “free energy” is anything but free. In fact, it can be very costly, particularly if done incorrectly without full understanding of how it all works. On the other hand, if done properly with all the right supporting factors, a grower has the opportunity to lock in his future electricity costs at a constant lower rate while paying for the system. Once a system is paid for, a grower can thereafter be virtually self-sustaining in electricity well into the future with little more than the cost of insurance and maintenance for the solar system. With current electricity costs for high wind speed houses continuing to climb, this can equal a substantial boost to the grower’s bottom line. Click here to read report.

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Mission: Improve bottom line profitability of the live production sector of the US poultry industry by providing timely applied research and education resulting in increased efficiencies in housing, equipment, energy and environmental control. Poultry housing, energy, ventilation, economics, and management problems are usually intertwined and very complex.  In trying to find solutions to these major grower and industry problems, we at Auburn University have successfully used a teamwork approach for several years. 

The Auburn NPTC Poultry Housing Team collaborating in this work includes Jim Donald - Ag Engineer, Gene Simpson - Ag Economist, Jeremiah Davis - Research Ag Engineer, Jesse Campbell - Poultry Housing Specialist, and Dennis Brothers - Extension Poultry Housing Specialist. Feel free to contact any team member if you have questions relating to their areas of expertise. Please note, however, that team members cannot provide design recommendations or diagnose specific problems through email.

Email Jess Campbell for questions concerning this website.

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