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Animal Production

Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle Breeds

Beef Cattle Production

Bovine Diseases and Resources [English version]

Farm Level Biosecurity Practices for Small Beef Cattle Producers [English version]

Foreign Animal Diseases of Beef Cattle That May Pose a Major Threat to the U.S. Economy [English version]


Dairy Cattle

A Practical Look at Contagious Mastitis [English]

A Practical Look at Environmental Mastitis [English]

Basic Concepts of Genetics  [English]

Body Condition at Parturition [English]

Bull Selection [English]

Can You Feed Calves Once a Day?

Composition and Nutritional Value of Milk [English]

Contagious vs. Environmental Mastitis

Dairy Cattle Breeds

Dairy Cattle Production

Develop Standard Operating Procedures for Feeding

Digestion [English]

Factors Affecting Size and Productivity of Replacement Heifers [English]

Feed Analysis and Composition [English]

Feeding Calves with Neonatal Diarrahea (scours)

Feeding Colostrum

Feeding Hay, Concentrates and Water [English]

Feeding Milk and Milk Substitutes [English]

Feeding of Concentrates [English]

Feedstuffs [English]

Heat Detection, Natural and Artificial Insemination [English]

Intrepretation of the Analysis of Corn Silage

Lactation and Milking [English]

Mastitis: Disease and Transmission  [English]

Measuring Growth [English]

Metabolism of Carbohydrate in Milking Cows [English]

Metabolism of Lipid in Milking Cows [English]

Metabolism of Proteins in Milking Cows [English]

Methods of Feeding Liquids to Calves

Milk Secretion [English]

Milking Equipment [English]

Milking Procedure [English]

Neonatal Diarrahea [English]

Objectives of Selection [English]

Pneumonia [English]

Pregnancy and Parturition [English]

Principles of Selection [English]

Reproduction and Nutrition [English]

Reproduction is a Multifaceted Subject [English]

Safe Handling of Dairy Cattle

The Effects of Particle Size of Fiber in the Diet of Dairy Cows

The Importance of Colostrum [English]

The Use of Antibiotics in Dairy Cattle

The Use of By-Products in the Diets of Heifer Calves

The Value and Use of Dairy Herd Improvement Somatic Cell Count [English]



Asian Equine Encephalitis

Best Management Practices to Prevent Diseases in Horses, Ponies, Mules, and Donkeys [English version]

Diseases that Affect Horses, Ponies, Mules, and Donkeys [English version]

Equine Diseases and Resources [English version]

How to Protect Horses in Florida from Mosquitoes?

Risks and Prevention of West Nile Virus in Horses in Florida

The West Nile Virus



Best Biosecurity Practices in Poultry, Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Diseases [English version]

Broiler Breeds

Digestive Tract and Digestion in Poultry

Fertilization, Gestation and Birth in Poultry

Layer Breeds

Poultry Diseases and Resources [English version]

Poultry Production

Proteins in the Diet of Broiler and Laying Hens

Reproductive Tract of Females (Poultry)

Reproductive Tract of Males (Poultry)


Sheep & Goats

Biosecurity Measures for Meat Goat and Sheep Managers [English version]

Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Information for Small Dairy Goat Enterprises [English version]

Goat and Sheep Production Manual

Goat Breeds

Goat Production in Chile

Major Zoonotic Diseases of Sheep and Meat Goats [English version]

Management Options to Prevent Diseases for Small Dairy Goat Enterprises [English version]

Raising Meat Sheep

Sheep Breeds

Sheep Production

Small Ruminant Diseases and Resources [English version]

Small Ruminant Production Systems: Sheep and Goats



Biosecurity for Swine Producers [English version]

Swine Breeds

Swine Diseases and Resources [English version]

Swine Production


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